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The ability to management activities

Orlan 28.05.2017 at 05:39


The Ability to management activities

There is a method to verify the basic abilities of the Manager. The questions need to be answered in the affirmative or in the negative.


1. Easy if you undertake the solution of management problems that are not solved according to the standard scheme?

2. You find it difficult to abandon the methods of control used when working hoist in the lower position?

3. When you went on the rise, how long do you give preference to the unit, which he headed before?

4. Whether you're trying to create a universal management style, which would be appropriate for many situations?

5. Are you able to accurately assess the integrity of their subordinates (managers of lower rank), qualifying them strong, crowded or weak leaders?

6. Easy if you can go beyond their sympathies and anti pati in appointments?

7. Do you think that there is no universal management style, and depending on the specifics of the situation it is necessary to couple different management styles?

8. Do you think that for you to avoid conflict with senior leadership society easier than with subordinates?

9. Do you have the desire to erase the stereotypes of management, which originated in the units Department, which you head?

10. Often your first intuitive impression of the leadership qualities of the person it appears I am correct?

11. Do you often explain failures in the management of unfavourable objective factors (failures in logistics that is produced by the increase, housing shortage, etc.)?

12. Do you often feel lack of time for effective work?

13. Do you think that if you had the opportunity to visit more objects, your leadership b ylo would be much more effective?

14. Do you give more autonomy and power to lower-level strong leaders in addressing issues than weak, even if they are all in the same job status?

To assess the result need to calculate points. Answers "Yes" to questions numbered 1, 6, 7, 9 and 10 are equal to 1 point, to questions 5 and 14 to 2 points. The answers "no" to 2, 3, and 12 questions equal one score, on questions under numbers 4, 8, 11 and 13 to 2 points. The remaining responses are equal to zero points. Can get maximum 20 points.

From 0 to 5 points. You on the store more specialist than head. Don't miss the opportunity to go to the post Chapter vnogo engineer or specialist.

From 6 to 10. You cannot be called a strong line Manager, but if the team that you are leading, things are going well, you do not need to undertake a great reorganisation. Also, do not go to another team. Listen to the opinions of supervisors, to the team. Pay attention to staffing and long-term issues, greater use of collective forms of decision-making, try in the team to strengthen the tradition.

11 to 15. You – head-organizer. You are able to concentrate forces on the most important issues. To these problems you consider the effective selection and placement of personnel, development and approval of the task (feasible really), the question of logistics. You are strong that don't go on about current Affairs, share a main and secondary, are able to achieve the fundamental issues at any cost, you do not stop foreclosure. Things in your unit are successful. Tip: do not run current Affairs. Give them to the assistants, deputies, periodic Eski monitoring their implementation.

From 16 to 20. You can withdraw the unit from the breakthrough, but it is difficult for you to work in the "routine". You are always in the search for acute situations, aiming to conversions, alterations your guideline is a career. Having the necessary skills for management, you will not always adapt successfully, stopping you excessive categorical in judgments and estimates, and may be unnecessary harshness in dealing with your leaders.