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Trump again called the Italian island of Corsica

Naples Slavonic 27.05.2017 at 08:06

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US President Donald trump once again made a geographical error, when pointed on the map the place of his first trip abroad after taking office. The Italian border is wonderfully expanded. Corsica is a French region was named as part of Italy.

In fact, the Mediterranean island, located to the North of Sardinia, was part of Italy since the 18th century, from the time of the Genoese Republic. In 1775, the island declared its independence, and 14 years later was conquered by France.

this is not the first geographical confusion trump during a trip. Shortly after arriving in Israel, the US President said he had just returned from the "Middle East" than puzzled by the President of Israel, given that his country is in the middle East. (Writes

in addition, trump called Belgium "a beautiful city", in which he will go tomorrow.

Natalia Odarchenko

for "Naples Slavic"