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Italy, Gucci VS Gucci

Naples Slavonic 27.05.2017 at 08:25

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One is a global fashion house, the second – a family restaurant in Northern Tuscany. However, apparently, Italy isn't big enough for two Gucca.

the Famous fashion house has filed a lawsuit against a Tuscan family of four, opened Bistro Gucci.

Gucci opened his restaurant in 2016 in Prato, a city that is located about 25 km North-West of Florence, where fashion house Gucci has its roots. Things went smoothly until before the family received a letter demanding to change the name of the bistro, giving "misleading". (Writing

the Family does not understand what is misleading, noting that they are the name Gucci, and the restaurant is named after their family. In addition, they referred to the fact that Prato is not Rome, not Milan, and little-known region.

If you play in all litigation, the process can take 20 years, so the restaurant silently changed its name to "GI", dividing the value of new business cards and outdoor signage with the fashion house. These costs turned out to be great for the family that just opened a restaurant. However, the family hopes that the damage will be reimbursed, because the whole situation became a kind of advertising for their establishment.

as for the potential visitors, many users of social network Facebook has supported the family, saying that never again will buy products under the brand name of Gucci, but if you find yourself near Prato – we will look into the restaurant to dine.

Themselves Gucci decided to launch its own network of cafés in Florence, Milan, and Tokyo, but the travel website TripAdvisor continues to give 4.5 points to the coffee shop Gucci family. While the café of the famous brand get the maximum 4 points.

Natalia Odarchenko

for "Naples Slavic"