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Dnipropetrovsk - Flying UFO - 23.05.2017

UFOBUA - archive UFO Ukraine 30.05.2017 at 21:45

UFOBUA - national ufologicheskiy archive

May 23, was Jogging on the waterfront of the Dnieper. Around 22:00 near the Monastery of the island, almost running up to Merefa-Kherson railway bridge above him he saw two bright glowing white light which was moving towards the railway bridge. First thought it was Chinese lanterns, but when stopped and started watching, then noticed that they move absolutely synchronously in the same direction. After 5 seconds the monitor lights, they are faded out and completely went out. After the lights went out, I noticed a long cigar-shaped shadow against the sky, which continued to move in the same direction and with the same speed. Extinguished the lights were on the ends of the object. The UFO moved silently right over my head, had a clear cigar-shaped and was quite large about 100 m in length. When the object crossed the bridge, I passed under the bridge to continue monitoring, but on the other side have not found it. All the observation lasted 15-20 seconds.

Source: someone entered a letter in UFOBUA of 28 may 2017 19:20:22