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All the promotions running in June.

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 30.05.2017 at 19:59

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

All the promotions running in June 2017.


Action "Inomoderator of the month" Every month some of the devices the Lab Infotech declared Anomodontia months and it is 20% discount from the base price .

In June anomodontia month was the Pilot.

This means that before the end of June EM Pilot can be purchased with 20% discount from the base price.

This action applies to both guests and club members KIT.

to Learn more about the "Inomoderator of the month in June - Pilot" >>

There you will learn about why we have become a good tradition to announce that Pilot anomodontia month in may-June. This can be especially useful for those parents who have children finish school, or just pass the exams.

******************************************** Action "3 + 1!" Action "3 + 1" is valid from 1 to 30 June.

What do you mean "3 + 1"? dm:

it's very simple: for the THREE acquired unimodular Lab Infotech, You get another EM as a GIFT!

it is Sufficient to solve the problem in two steps and it becomes clear that this is a very profitable campaign.

Today this Promotion is for ALL - both for guests and for members of the club!

club discounts count!

Not included no additional discounts, such as: birthday bonus, discounts on the stock "m month", discounts for privileged groups of population, etc.

Well, what exactly can you receive a gift, and in some cases, see more here >>


"KIT for kids" June 1 the whole world celebrates children's Day. Therefore, in June in China became already traditional action "KIT for kids".

On this action absolutely all have the ability to buy for their children is a reliable friend and helper in the person of unimodular KIT-4 discount 380, RUB (10KE)

Well, if the parent is a member of the club, its the club discount has discount promotion.

For children whereas older age, especially for those taking exams, graduating, great help would be, UM Pilot.

Remember that until the end of June the Pilot is anomodontia month and can be purchased at a discount 456 roubles (20% from basic price) - more info >>

If you have any need for another inomoderator for his child (not a WHALE), please contact us by email, discuss it.


Actions on a regular basis

****************************** Event "family sets" – starting, small and large.:fa:This action can satisfy the most diverse requirements, the more strict restrictions on the choice of unimodular included in the Family kits, no! ATTENTION! This promotion is ONLY for guests



Promotion for special populations: disabled 1 and 2 groups (adults and children), war veterans, children of war, blockade, victims of political repressions, participants of the labor front during the second world war, mothers of large families (3 children and more).:ba:

This promotion for all guests and club members.

On this action you can buy not one unimodular, but a whole set at your discretion.



Action "Sale". On this promotion you can purchase a brand new unimodularity as without marriage (meaning marriage appearance), and with very little marriage (marriage is always described in detail.

the Action "Sale" for all - for guests and for members of our club!

the Last (actual) update "Sales" from 08/02/17 see this link >>


Promotion "birthday Bonus" – only for club members! In this action our birthdays can purchase a set of animatorov (your choice) with substantial discounts. The promotion is valid the whole "birthday" month 1 to 30/31 + for two weeks next month.



in addition to these actions we conduct in our forum quite often free lottery in which many have won not one, not even two unimodular. To participate in the lottery you have to register on this site and to open our letters.

we Periodically announces such actions as: "give your modulator second life", which allows you to change your "old" and even "old" unimodular for half price (valid at the moment, see above), the "Free all" as well as those shares, which will be able for you to invent )))

to be always up to date with our new stock and other news, subscribe to the club mailing list. Subscription form you'll find on the main pages of sites and,

as well as on this page.

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