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Action "3+1"!

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 30.05.2017 at 20:06

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Action "3 + 1"! 1 through June 30!

Congratulations to all parents, all grandparents with the children's Day!

Let your children always be healthy and happy!

You also desire to be always wise and loving parents!

here We thought-thought, what would make you happy in June in honor of children's Day and remember that we have a class action "3+1", which is always a success.

Remember the essence of this action.

the Action "3+1" means that THREE of the acquired unimodular Lab Infotech, You get another EM as a GIFT!

it is Sufficient to solve the problem in two steps and it will become clear that this campaign is very beneficial, especially for those who want to buy at least 3 modulators (you can cooperate, advise on how to cheat :cq:).

to verify this, it is enough to solve the problem in two steps:

- 3 PCs. x the cost paid EM,

- divide the result by 4.

is Obtained after dividing the number will be the actual cost of one of EM received on this action.

the offer is valid for members of our club and guests of the club and website.

For club members consider their club discount!

Attention!!! This action is not subject to any additional discounts such as the birthday bonus, shares "M. month" and other promotions, discounts for privileged groups of population, etc.).

Questions for this promotion, you can ask directly in this thread.

Well, and what you can get in as a fourth gift unimodular, and in some cases, see below.

Option No. 1.

(options purchased modulators discussed!)

purchase 3 modulators type:

any individual (except Breeze-With, Fairies and Phoenix ),

wall Nymph/Tigris or desktop Spring

You receive a gift from any of these modulators to choose from.

Option # 2.

For the purchase of 2 modulators of the type:

case-by-breeze-With, reading Unicorn or Jaguar

and ONE of the listed in option # 1

You receive a gift from any of these modulators to choose from. . Option # 3.

For the purchase of 2 unimodular type:

individual Fairy or Phoenix and one of the listed in options 1 and 2,

You receive one of these modulators to choose from.

Option # 4.

For the purchase of 3 desktop unimodular Briz-7

You receive one breeze-7!!!

or any other choice (except Owls and Sail) Option # 5.

For the purchase of 3 unimodular, of which two - EM Owl or Sail

You can receive a gift of either an Owl or a Sail - the choice

(or ANY other choice).

Option # 6.

purchase 3 modulators Octopus You will get another Octopus as a gift. Deviations from the above terms are discussed individually.

don't forget to tell about this opportunity to your friends and acquaintances.

the Base price (without discounts) for unimodular Lab Infotech. REMINDER!!!

the Action "Inomoderator of the month in June, the PILOT"

Share "KIT for kids"

All the promotions running in June.

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