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Share "KIT for kids"

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 30.05.2017 at 21:56

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

On 1 June the whole world celebrates children's Day. Therefore, in June in China became already traditional action "KIT for kids".

Let our children grow up healthy and happy!

Let over their heads will always be clear sky!

Share "KIT for kids"

On this action absolutely all have the ability to buy for their children is a reliable friend and helper in the person of unimodular KIT-4 discount 380, RUB (10KE)

Well, if the parent is a member of the club, its the club discount has discount promotion. It turns out actually great!

But the WHALE-4 is, of course, help to children of Junior and middle classes. And for high school students and University students in the period from may to July, a great helper will be the UM Pilot.

by the Way, until the end of June the Pilot is anomodontia month and can be purchased at a discount 456 roubles (20% from basic price) - more info >>

so, it seems that we have taken into account the interests of our dearest Chad of all ages.

If you have a need to buy for the baby other inomoderator - no KIT email us all to discuss. You can write also here on the forum. PM Elena P.

And don't forget the Octopus.

Our motto has become the slogan of "the Octopus for each gadget is my baby"!

Even if it is a regular push-button phone, which is now a rarity, it must be an Octopus!

And often the child, even a younger boy not only a phone but also a tablet. So, at least, TWO Octopus from a child to be simply OBLIGED.

Remember that in June we have a special offer "3+1", which you can use for the acquisition of THREE animatorov to receive a gift of another ONE. The same applies to the Octopus.

read More about the "3+1" >>

read More about modulator KIT-4 >>

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