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Bank "Zenit" offers a contribution to "colors of summer" with higher interest rates press releases 01.06.2017 at 13:50

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Bank "Zenith" has launched a new seasonal Deposit "summer colors" that you can open up to 31 August 2017. It has an attractive interest rate to 8.75% per annum.

the new Bank's customers can get even higher rate. The bonus to the basic rate of 0.25% is offered to clients at the start of the stock was not placed Bank term deposits in the Bank "Zenit" (with the exception of deposits "colors of summer"). Interest is paid at the end of the term.

the Term is 200 days. The minimum initial contribution — 30 thousand rubles. An additional advantage of the contribution of the "colors of summer" is the possibility of replenishment during the first 100 days, the minimum amount of the additional fee is only 1 000 rubles.

debit transactions on Deposit are not allowed. However, after a 101-day the possibility of early termination of Deposit at the rate of 5% per annum.

When you make a contribution in excess of 250 000 roubles the client may be granted a Visa Gold card or MasterCard Gold within the tariff plans without charging a fee for annual service of the card.

the contribution of the "colors of summer" can only be opened until August 31, 2017, in any convenient way for the customer: at the offices of the Bank "Zenith" through the Internet Bank or mobile Bank.

More information on the terms of the contribution can be found on the website of the Bank.