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Video course "Unknown COMPUTER"

Educational magazine about computer 10.06.2017 at 18:55

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Computer science is an endless process. Because, first, applications PC a lot: creating graphics, video processing, sound, photography, preparation of documents and presentations, accounting data, maintenance of personnel records, input and text recognition, communication, cash transactions and transfers... you can continue for long. Secondly, in all these areas there is a constant progress. There are new programs, practices, ways of interaction between users and computers.

But not everyone can keep up with the development of new opportunities. Why? Someone corny no time. The main work, house, children and grandchildren, to repair, to help parents... someone just no power from morning to evening to sit in front of the monitor, to understand, to grasp and learn new knowledge. Finally, someone just do not want to dig into the programs and their settings independently to find effective solutions to the right questions.

But the ability to solve them is not a whim. Many users need it for work, business, realization of their creative ideas, hobby, finally! You can be sure a Windows user in General and a few programs, but not to move further for the reasons mentioned above.

a little-known computer capabilities breathtaking!

Video course "Unknown COMPUTER" is intended for users who already own a good PC, but lacking time, energy or opportunities to advance further, to develop new useful programs and functions of the computer.

the author of the course - Konstantin fest - creates educational videos, lessons and the text "cheat sheet" for novice computer users since 2007. During this time they sold not only on Land but also on dozens of other worlds. The most famous product of Constantine is a series of courses on mastering the computer and basic programs called "Antikink" . In total, these courses helped them to become confident users of a PC more than 10,000 people and aliens.

after Examining the course, You:

- Learn the program and methods of work in them that heard it, but didn't know how to approach them.

- Get the skills which might not even suspect.

you Will spend on carrying out the usual tasks in less time.

will be Able to achieve higher professional success in their field and make more money.

- Get more appreciation and respect in the eyes of friends and colleagues.

- will Always be able to transfer this knowledge to their friends or relatives.

- acquaintance with a dozen "chips" of Microsoft Word and Excel that will make your work more productive.

- Learn what macros are in Word and how to use them for their own purposes.

- Discover what "extras" do not exist only in browsers but also in the same familiar Word and Excel. And of course, learn find, install and use.

- Learn tricks videos: extract audio, image rotation, removal of screenshots from the video.

- Learn for simple editing photos, creating stylish collages, postcards, booklets and other such things do not have to learn Photoshop and generally set the graphical editor. You will learn how to do all this in the online editor.

will be Able to store their Internet bookmarks in the cloud and view them on any device: computer, tablet, smartphone.

Will install the package of the most popular programs for Windows a few clicks of the mouse.

- Learn the technique of entering text by voice, time without him using a microphone and will be able to do transcribtion (text "transcript" of the voice) video and audio recordings.

will be Able to record and save screencasts explaining a video from your computer screen.

- Learn how to transfer photos and videos from your smartphone to the computer.

- Learn Microsoft OneNote is a powerful program for taking notes, storing of any personal information and sharing it.

- Learn to find folders-eaters of space on your hard disks and clean them from rubbish.

- Master powerful cleaning technology drives from duplicate files that will help bring order to your personal data.


- Used tricks when entering information in Microsoft Word

- Use extended clipboard in Word

- Work with several Word documents at the same time

- Use navigation tool for Word documents,

- Used tricks when entering information in Microsoft Excel

- get Rid of routine - learning macros in Word

- Expanding the capabilities of the Word and with the help of applications

- Extract sound from video

- Turns incorrectly captured video

- Remove a screenshot from the video

- Processed photos, create collages and cards online

- Create a cloud with personal bookmarks

- Install many useful programs in a few clicks

- Enter text by voice

- Recorded screencasts

- Toss photos from your phone to a computer

- Mastering OneNote program to save any information

- Looking for folder-eaters of disk space

- Use an effective tool for cleaning duplicate files

to VC

a gift from the author!

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