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The company "Rusmikrofinans-AST" group of companies "Rusmikrofinans" received the status of IFC press releases 15.06.2017 at 10:00

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Company "Rusmikrofinans AST" (enters into group of companies "Rusmikrofinans") received the status of a micro-Finance company (IFC).

"Rusmikrofinans-AST" became the second company from the group "Rusmikrofinans", which received the status of a microfinance company. Earlier IFC "Eureka" was among the first companies, which received a new status in accordance with the recent legislative changes.

"getting the status of the IFC the second company within the group "Rusmikrofinans" will further strengthen our position in the market, but you need to understand that the status of the IFC is not only new opportunities, but in the first place even greater responsibilities, for implementation of which we approach with the utmost responsibility, — commented Eugene Abolonin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, co-owner GK "Rusmikrofinans". — Receive status will allow the company "Rusmikrofinans-AST" to diversify the sources of funding and increase in lending".

According to him, during the II quarter of 2017, the company has attracted investments from individuals, but significantly increased its portfolio of tender loans by reinvesting their own profits and capital. "Investors were offered a worthy alternative — IFC "Eureka", — said Eugene Abolonin.

July 1, 2017, investors will have a choice between two IFC. Clients of "Eureka" will return 1.5—2% higher, and the choice in favor of "Rusmikrofinans-AST" are more likely to make that category of investors who value the company specializes in the financing of participants of public procurement as the most reliable segment of the microfinance market.

"We do not work with individuals on loan "to paycheck" and many investors see this as a big advantage," says General Director of IFC "Rusmikrofinans-AST" Leonid Mine.

"Financing participants of public procurement is associated with a low risk and stable yield at the level of 3.5—4% per month", — says Eugene Abolonin. Note also that now the company has a special offer in which the interest for the month of tender the loan amount to just 2%.

in addition, in the near future it is planned to upgrade the product offer for customers "Rusmikrofinans-AST", providing a full cycle of funding participants of public procurement.

"Customers who are interested in investing in a young, but rapidly growing market, you can be sure that the company with which they are planning to work with, absolutely reliable and uses every opportunity for growth and development, — says Eugene Abolonin. Safety of investors funds is provided by impeccable reputation "of the Rusmikrofinans" and the long-term work in the market. In addition, the company in the status of the IFC is now required to be audited at the Bank level, and the stringent requirements of the regulator ensures additional reliability and transparency".

notes to editors

Group of companies "Rusmikrofinans" was created in 2011 and brings together a number of legal entities, including the IFC and ICC.

the Main activities of the group of companies is the refinancing of micro-loans to individuals, loans to small businesses and funding for participants of public procurement.

within the group "Rusmikrofinans" tender loans provided in 2013, and a separate legal entity — "Rusmikrofinans-AST" — this area has been allocated in 2015.

number in the state register of microfinance organisations to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation 001503045007021 from 23.10.2015 bin 1157746724002.

the parent company of the group "Rusmikrofinans" is "RMF-Capital" with an authorized capital of 250 million rubles.