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To Travel around Europe without fear of a then astronomical bill from the network operator — for residents of EU countries from 15 June it became a reality. Will the cost of roaming services for those Russians who decided to go on a vacation to Europe?

the Freedom calls!

Roaming is cancelled on the territory of all 28 EU countries and three countries of the European free trade Association (EFTA) — Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The fourth EFTA country, Switzerland has remained outside the "zone of free calls". Also increased the roaming tariffs remain for Andorra, the Isle of man and the channel Islands.

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To the solution, which in Europe is called revolutionary, it was rather long. A bill to abolish roaming within the EU was first proposed back in 2013. Finally in October 2015 in the European Parliament were agreed on the cancellation date is 15 June 2017. Now for roaming services — be it calls, SMS, Internet, the European mobile operators will not be able to take more than for services inside the home area.

"at least it became clear what we benefit from the EU" joke European Newspapers. The Sun urges British citizens to go to the continent, "the best in Italy: imagine how much pizza and ice cream you will be able to "fill" in the "Instagram" without waiting for the hotel Wi-Fi". British media generally celebrated the news with a taste of "hurry up live": for this mobile feast of generosity will last for only two years. In 2019, when the country, according to the plan Brexit will have to leave the EU, its citizens will once again pay for roaming. And probably at a rate higher than it was before the abolition of roaming charges in the European Union. After all, if someone pays less, someone else has to pay more?

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that's Right, for our. Prepare for increase of tariffs for roaming, going on a vacation to Europe. "Prices will rise, as European operators compensate for the reduction in home tariffs at the expense of foreign operators, — says a leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin. — The last two years they steadily raise prices for all foreign operators, and this growth is not by tens of percent and higher."

the Words Murtazin confirmed in "the Megaphone". "It is possible that foreign providers will start to offset their lost revenues including through increased inter-operator payments — said the head of the press service of "MegaFon" Julia Dorokhin. — Our foreign partners have repeatedly raised the prices. For its part, we continue to negotiate with partners and are doing everything possible to reduce their prices."

a Similar response received and Tele2. "We do not exclude that European operators will try to compensate for lost revenues due to the revision of prices for others, particularly Russian operators", — reported a press-the Secretary of the company Olga galushina.

However, on how much it will increase rates for roaming for Russians and when this will happen is not yet clear. Specific numbers and dates operators was not disclosed. According to Murtazin, operators will try to hold prices at current levels because "the price without options is already high." At least, the chance is great that the summer holiday season, they will remain unchanged. "With our partners we have already agreed — said Julia Dorokhin. — We are not planning to raise tariffs for subscribers this summer." In the "Beeline" we are also told that they would not raise prices. Promised to hold them and Tele2. "For us, the roaming high-margin service, and increase user loyalty," said Olga galushina. In the company "MTS" our questions left unanswered.

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However, if it's any consolation, Russian operators today are more or less adequate offers for roaming, including data transfer. "You can compare how much Europeans pay in Russia, it is orders of magnitude more than the Russians — says Murtazin. Packages are constantly becoming cheaper, and this is the norm".

Indeed, already, some operators offer good options. Recently MegaFon launched the "online World" for unlimited communication on the Internet in 43 countries, including in Europe. User charge per day is only 600 rubles, while the volume of traffic is unlimited.

And the clients "Beeline" is available for connection, the option "Unlimited Internet roaming" for 350 rubles per day, plus the tariff "ALL for 1800 + roaming", in which home mobile Internet package you can spend in international roaming without any extra cost. Plus special prices for roaming in Europe can be 10 rubles per minute of a call and 5 cents per 1 MB, reported in a press-service of the company.

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cancel the roaming on the territory of the European Union is a clear demonstration of the direction in which what is called "common economic space". Moreover, European operators gradually cancel roaming outside the EU. So, Vodafone will no longer charge on the territory of Turkey. And the operator "3" have gone further and abolished all higher fee for roaming in the USA, Australia and Hong Kong.

Well, what are we? Can we expect that in the near future will disappear roaming between Russia and CIS countries or at least within the Customs Union? According to Eldar Murtazin, it is difficult to expect even lower prices for roaming, not to mention the rejection of it. Mobile operators of the neighboring States are not yet configured to reduce its revenues from the Russian direction.


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