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Kherson - Flying UFO - 04.06.2017

UFOBUA - archive UFO Ukraine 19.06.2017 at 16:45

UFOBUA - national ufologicheskiy archive

Watched my neighbor with 6-year-old son. It estimated that the UFO slowly floated at a height of approximately 30 degrees, were white, crosswise to the hull in the middle of a brown strip, in front of the 2 lights of different sizes on both sides. The length of the object is about 3 degrees, the thickness is slightly less than 1 degree. Lights 3 times flashed a bright white light when cornering, the object disappeared then re-appeared. Did 3 laps over the edge of the city of Golaya Pristan and Salt lake, then when moving in the direction Kherson disappeared completely. Duration of follow-up for 5-7 minutes. First saw him the boy and drew it to the attention of the mother. When observed feel the interest and enthusiasm, the animals nearby didn't notice, but flew a large flock of disturbed doves. No sounds from the object haven't heard, the equipment was, the phone worked fine, as Natalie called me, telling about what they saw. The weather was perfect, the sky cloudless, 23 degrees, no wind. In the evening, at 20 o'clock, she lay down to rest and in drowsiness suddenly heard in my head the beeping of the Morse code. Morse code she doesn't know, but realized that it should be written. At the end of the series of 3 phrases in Morse code she's got an incredible headache, headache tablets she had, but after half an hour the headache was replaced by euphoria. Natalia came to me, we opened the Internet the Morse code and began to decipher the messages. Get 3 phrases with Ukrainian and Russian words. In the first sentence was 1 strange word, which we are in the "translator" learned Tajik, and the phrase suddenly made sense. The phrase in the sense of unrelated, but quite readable. Natalia 1984 year of birth, education, Morse code never studied. The phenomenon is similar to some version of poltergeist and probably associated with morning sighting of a UFO.

Source: Kotovskogo Natalia (incident No. 1744, reported in UFOSETI 2017-06-05 19:28:40 UTC)

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