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"He became an outcast and Bank and their state" themes of the day 18.06.2017 at 21:00

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Although the public aspect of the problem is the exchange of food in Russia slept, they from time to time continue to picket the banks until the building of the Central Bank and to arrange a hunger strike. But most just live in debt. has collected the history of foreign currency borrowers who were victims of the collapse of the ruble.

In Russia there are about 25 thousand families with foreign currency mortgages that are unable to restructure the debt and are on the verge of eviction. Due to the devaluation of the ruble in 2008, their monthly payments on loans increased by 2-3 times, the situation repeated itself in 2014. three years overdue debt has not decreased, but increased from 15.6 billion to 20.1 billion rubles. That is 29%, taking into account exchange rate fluctuations. And since total lending volume decreased, the share of overdue debt in them is rising sharply. If in 2014 it accounted for 13.4%, in 2017-by 34.1%. It turns out, more than a third of foreign currency mortgage loans in Russia has expired.

"I was verbally assured that the translation to rubles I will be able at any time..."

Alexander Alexandrov, foreign currency mortgage, the borrower Raiffeisenbank since 2007. Programmer.

Took: a total of 2.65 million rubles.

Paid: 3,45 million.

according to the court, which entered into force: 5 million rubles.

For comparison, the totals for the ruble loan, in the summer of 2007, Alexander was denied (rate of 11.4%, term 25 years).

Took: a total of 2.65 million rubles.

Paid to November 2015, when the delay on dollar-denominated loans: 2.9 million.

have Left for November 2015: 2 million rubles.

— When our family had the first child, it was decided to purchase their own homes. The minimum price for a one bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the city was established in the summer of 2007 at the level of 3 million rubles. For this price we were able to watch the standard version with a size of 48 square meters in a residential area of St. Petersburg.

Then the banks willing to give mortgages to 90% and even 100% of the cost of housing. I went to the Bank where my employer had a salary project. The Bank, which for several years been tracking all my income, Raiffeisenbank. Asking the loan for 20 years in rubles in the amount of 2.65 million (88% of the cost of purchased housing), I only received credit for 25 years (the maximum term of the loan in this Bank) and in dollars (at the time it was 104 thousand).

the Argument of the Bank was as follows: my income in rubles, not enough to ruble credit, but enough for dollar, the interest rate which is 1.5 percentage points lower compared to the ruble in the Bank (9.9% in dollars instead of 11.4% in rubles). I verbally assured that the translation to rubles I will be able at any time after a minor increase in their income. To another Bank for the required amount of me it was pointless to ask, since Raiffeisenbank I had a small allowance as salary client. And, accordingly, almost the lowest rate for the loan existing at that time in the market. Therefore, having been refused in the ruble credit in Raiffeisenbank, I would have been refused in ruble loan at any other Bank.

in the Fall of 2008 the global crisis struck, the price bubble on the real estate market finally snapped, and the rouble by the spring of 2009, depreciated by 50%. Accordingly, 50% then increased and the amount of my loan. Then I would behave exactly the way in which accuse the exchange of food, to act as a cunning strategic financial investor, to get rid of a disadvantageous asset. But the goal is the purchase of an apartment I had another. Buy housing for their growing family, and not to engage in financial speculation. For it pay for it and was after 2014, the outcast and the Bank and their state.

Well, then, realizing that another one of "gradual devaluation" of the ruble in 2008-2009, he won't, I have several times in the period 2011-2014 addressed in Bank with a request to transfer my credit in the ruble on market conditions. Every time the Bank refused, citing the lack of programs to transfer to rubles foreign currency loans to their borrowers.

Seeing that the Bank is not interested in that though as-that to meet their longstanding customers, we, foreign currency mortgage holders of Raiffeisenbank, faced with the same problem — the unprecedented growth of liabilities and the absolute indifference of the Bank — came together and held a number of shares in the Bank and beyond — the walls of the Austrian Embassy in Moscow. Then some of our companions in misfortune agreed to the new terms of the Bank — to pay the rent and leave without debt. The rest continue to struggle to keep their homes.

a Small number of borrowers helped the state programme of AHML, which for families with two minor children helped to put out up to 30% of liabilities in the range of 1.5 million rubles. Are borrowers to reduce the debt on the loan to 20-30% due to state aid, transferred in rubles. There are those who do not fit the criteria of programs of the seller or for whom the help of the seller — an empty phrase.

for Example, I under the criteria of the seller came and was able to receive from the state assistance in the repayment of 30% of my bloated obligations. But the Bank put a condition: to receive the money from the state, he demanded me to bring them the amount of 800 thousand rubles for repayment of overdue 2015 payments. That is, the Bank graciously agreed to a lump sum from the state and from me the sum of 2,2 million roubles, to make the sum of my commitments in the order of 3.3 million — 25% above the amount taken 10 years ago in debt at the Bank.

We, the foreign currency mortgage holders of Raiffeisenbank required only one thing: to translate all commitments as of November 2014, in rubles at the exchange rate on the date of the contract. All fines and penalties, arrears interest accrued after November 2014 must be deducted. And the loan term may be extended for a period available to this point, the delay — then all the same overdue interest the Bank will receive, but the rate on the date of the contract and not at the extortionate rate, which he tries to recover late now. And binding the moratorium on enforcement proceedings to recover debts on foreign currency mortgage!

"the court's Decision not entered into force, but we have denied an apartment!"

Igor and Jeanne Morozov, foreign currency mortgage borrowers, VTB 24, 2007. Entrepreneurs.

Took: 4.8 million rubles.

Paid: 4,6 million roubles.

jar: 2.4 million rubles.

— Currency mortgages back in 2007 suggested the Bank VTB 24. The income of 26 thousand rubles per month to the Bank loan was not enough, but the Bank gave the sum of 1 thousand dollars. Have given credit. Paid for about 10 years. After the events of the end of 2014, the Bank offered only one way out — to give them an apartment at "otstoyname", in parallel by submitting to the court that in our absence, the five-minute meeting, decided to deprive us all!

To the statutory period we had to appeal, but VTB 24 was able to obtain writs, and in the fall of 2016, our apartment was sold at auction. The court decision has not entered into force, writs were withdrawn by the court, but we are already denied an apartment! Moreover, the Bank continues to demand with us recovery in court: on the loan in 84 thousands of dollars we paid the Bank about 82 thousand dollars. We have selected the apartment, but the Bank still need about 43 thousand dollars. A total of 125 thousand dollars for a one bedroom apartment on the fifth floor in a panel building in the town, hastily sold to Bank just 2 million rubles. Left homeless and in debt, we applied to the Bank for a mortgage, but the Bank response no sentences — zero, and ahead of only the new courts.

"Before the transaction the Bank representative said that may be issued only dollar loan"

Larisa and Sergey M., foreign currency mortgage borrowers of the Bank "DeltaCredit" in 2008.

Took: 6 million rubles.

Paid: 10 million rubles.

the Bank Should be: 15 million rubles.

— people Often ask the question "why did you take a loan in foreign currency?", not realizing that banks impose currency loans. And most had only one choice: to borrow in foreign currency or not to buy the apartment in General. For example, we asked in 2008, JSC "CB DeltaCredit" for a mortgage loan in rubles. After he was approved, we made for the chosen apartment advance and began to prepare for the transaction but before the transaction the Bank representative said that may be issued only dollar loan. Cancellation at this stage would mean the loss of the advance, and we agreed to the terms of the Bank.

total: received in the Bank 6 million rubles paid almost 10 million rubles, the debt now exceeds 15 million rubles, a court decision in favor of the Bank. If it was issued rubles, at the moment the balance of the debt amounted to 660 thousand rubles.

News Who will help them?

"the Problem is very acute, and banks in recent years have tried to find the possibility of its smoothing. But, as a rule, do not allow any damage to itself. The recommendation of the Central Bank to convert the debt at a reduced rate practically remained unimplemented because they were not mandatory. Banks offer various ways of restructuring: transfer of debt in rubles at the current exchange rate, temporary "holiday" on payments, which often relate only to the repayment of principal, and upon resumption of the repayment schedule becomes even more intense. Maybe the extension of credit in which the monthly payment amount decreases. All of these methods of restructuring does not reduce the Bank's income and, in fact, happen at the expense of the borrower," — says a leading analyst GK TeleTrade mark in real.

the Depth of the problems and performances of food made to interfere with the government. AHML 2015 allocated funds to banks for individual borrowers on a set of criteria for debt relief (up to 600 thousand rubles), or to reduce payment. The total amount of aid amounted to 4.5 billion rubles. The program was designed not only to currency, but the ruble-denominated mortgage holders. It has softened some of the most acute cases, but could not fundamentally solve the problem. "About her extension and allocation of additional budgetary funds is not talking" — said Goikhman.

AHML estimates, the assistance program has completed its task. "Additional measures of state support already provided or the creditors the decision to provide these services in the amount determined by the government of the Russian Federation budget of the assistance programme, therefore the largest creditors stopped accepting new applications to participate in this program," — said in the Agency.

So I hope for the extension of the program from foreign currency borrowers not.

because Of this, people came out from the beginning of may to the streets with pickets and starved in banks.


a New monetary mortgage is very lose volumes in 2014, due to appreciation of the dollar and the tragedy of many foreign currency borrowers. "Based on the statistics of the Central Bank, according to our calculations, in the first quarter of 2017 issued foreign currency mortgage loans only to 328 million rubles, which is 6.5 times less than in the same period in 2014, and 1.3 times less than in 2016. The total outstanding on these loans at April 1, 2017 amounted to 59 billion rubles, fell by half from this date of 2014 and 33% over the last year. This means that the old current loans are possibly eliminated, including through the sale of the property, and a new one involves much less," says mark Goikhman.

According to the analyst of Forex Optimum Ivan Kapustyasky, the problem of the exchange of food now is not as prevalent as it was in 2014. "First and foremost, this is due to the stabilization of the exchange rate, although it is, of course, still remains high relative to pre-crisis levels. In addition, some banks still go to meet the borrowers and restructured their debts and also converted into rubles taking into account a compromise of course" — emphasizes the expert.

According to him, in order to solve this problem, the bill on the moratorium on the eviction of families in the case of foreign currency will exceed 25% from the moment of the loan in rubles. However, again, fully this initiative will not solve the problem. Debtors who fail to develop a common solution with the Bank may have to pay its obligations.

According to estimates of the marketing group "Alekhine and partners", the number of mortgage loans in foreign currency is reduced. According to the Central Bank, in 2017 the issued units of foreign currency mortgage loans, since citizens are still afraid of possible complications with them in the future, but if the ruble will continue to strengthen, their number may grow.

"the State should find ways to help foreign currency borrowers, as the Supreme court not long ago refused to review the practice of renegotiation of contracts due to the significant weakening of the ruble against major currencies. Banks quite often go to meet the borrowers and renegotiating contracts at a reduced rate, but it would be nice to set at the legislative level, the obligation of such review with a certain course jump. However this must be done so that banks were not injured. For example, the condition of revision must be included directly in the contract, but be limited to a certain range, or risks the Bank needs to be somehow insured," — emphasizes the founder of the marketing group "Alekhine and partners" the novel Alekhin.

While the same currency borrowers again alone with their problems. The only thing they have a little happy, some weakening of the dollar over the last year. But on the horizon again its likely increase, which will again exacerbate the situation.


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