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The "world" interest themes of the day 20.06.2017 at 21:00

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1 March 2017, the Russians discussed the card "the World" on different diplomatic more than 7,8 thousand times. The surge of interest in national maps began with the publication of the mention of the fact that pensioners can receive pension for the Mir summer. These are the findings of the study monitoring service BrandSpotter especially for

Trends and misconceptions

BrandSpotter analyzed the largest social network on the subject of discussion in their national card "the World". It turned out that only from March 2017 on request "payment card World" in social networks has more than 7.8 thousand references with phrase. Interestingly, until the beginning of June in social networks was 5 thousand mentions less. But the closer the date of transfer of budget on a "Peace", the more reason it appears in the media, and the more clearly a growing interest in this topic.

According to the Executive Director BrandSpotter Anna Mostovoy, the first peak of the references is at the beginning or middle of may, when information was published about the fact that pensioners can receive pensions at the map "the World" after July 1, 2017.

As can be seen, the increasing number of discussions of the cards "the World" went even during the first and second reading of the bill, establishing a deadline for the transfer of budget on a card "the World". On 21 April, the bill was passed by the state Duma in the third final reading. And during the may holidays, when the law was signed by President of Russia, the population has reached a new level.

the Boom of interest of the people occurred in the first decade of June – then in mass media there was information that the map "the World" will be... record book. However, this is incorrect.

"Map "the World" cannot be the test book, said in a press-service of the NPCs. — It can have the functionality of the identity when access to a variety of non-financial services. NBTS has implemented this on a technological level. In the future, banks are free to decide what functionality non financial add on card "the World", based on the needs of their clients. On a similar principle, for example, a map of the inhabitant of Bashkortostan, URALSIB Bank supports digital signature, which allows you to remotely sign documents on the portal of public services".

the Mentioning of the phrase "payment card World" when discussions in social networks, 2017

I Want to know everything

In General, the tone of the discussion on the card "the World" in social networks rather positive – Russians are inclined to support the national product and to reduce reliance on Western payment systems. But questions from people a lot.

According to Anna Mostovoy, most active card "the World" discussing "Vkontakte". Most users in social networks are discussing the transfer of budget on a card "the World". On the second place by frequency – the card itself (in which regions it will and will not work) and the possibility to refuse it.

it is Noteworthy that the possibility of state employees instead of cards "the World" to use other methods of obtaining funds as and on free such cards for employees of budget organizations have repeatedly stated the representatives of the NPCs, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and deputies.


"you can Feel the lack of information of the population on the map "the World". People do not understand, how much is it to service, must the last state to pass a payroll card. See the lack of a clear and step-by-step guide for citizens to work with the map. To make people understand what its advantages are not for the security of the state, and for the individual citizen," — said Musatov.

Interestingly, the work with the citizens of Russia on the map "the World" in a public space holds not only the national system of payment cards (nvqs operator card "the World"), for example, in the section "Question – answer" on the, but also the credit institution.

"state employees map "the World" is produced automatically and automatically appears in the online Bank. People often don't understand where the map is taken there. In some, but unfortunately not in all threads (a discussion thread in an online forum. — Approx. questions come employees of the savings Bank and educate them," says Musatov.

the Question in the group "Vkontakte":

the answer of the employee of the Bank:

the fly in the ointment

of Course, not do when discussing the card "the World" without a negative. However, the "fly in the ointment" can be found in the discussion of any topic, especially online.

There are people who are determined sarcastically. So, users joke that a card called "the World", but as a tool of payment it claimed only for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Although it is already known that months of negotiations with Turkey. Also negotiating with Thailand and the UAE.

There is a special group of Orthodox citizens who are not satisfied with the introduction of the card "the World" for religious reasons. But this group is, in principle, does not use Bank cards, like any electronic means of payment, trying not to use the means of identification, which involve the inside of the chip or employ biometric technology.

There are those who are not satisfied yet stripped-down, in their opinion, the functionality of the card "the World". Meanwhile, initially it was stated that the national the project will develop in stages. For example, in the autumn of 2017 will launch its own loyalty program of the SS "Mir".


"Everything new is often perceived with suspicion, so it is quite natural that in social networks, which are one indicator of public opinion, discussions are ongoing new product", — explains the Director of marketing and communications NPCs Andrey Nesterov.

Ask — answer

According to Andrew Nesterov, mission card "the World" appeared in all popular social networks in early 2016, when started the production of cards. During the whole of last year, there was information about the development of the network of national payment cards and the opportunities already provided maps of the "World" to their holders.

"this year, we often receive questions about the technological capabilities of the card and its content (whether contactless cards, will the cashback, is it possible to pay online) and tell about the offers and bonus programs of banks, the share of payment system "the World", — said Nesterov. — But, perhaps, the most popular were questions about the possibility of using the card abroad. So, we've told our subscribers about kobegenovich projects, producing joint maps "World-Maestro" and "Peace-JCB" with the international payment systems".


the bankers own view on the public interest in national plastic.

the Main issues coming in the Mail, the Bank, connected with the possibility to pay by card "Peace" abroad.

"This is quite interesting, because the average volume of transactions in the segment of the so-called cross-border (overseas or in foreign online stores) does not exceed 2%. Apparently, customers interested in the availability of the possibility of such payments, even if in fact this functionality they will not use, — says the Vice-President, Director of retail business development Mail Bank Grigory Babadzhanyan. Is also relatively often asked about cards with contactless interface – users are gradually getting used to this option and wish to see it on the cards of the national payment system".

At the same Babajanian believes that the massive infiltration of the cards "the World" among certain categories of citizens (state employees, pensioners, students) will begin in the second half of this year. "The spread among the remaining customers will depend largely on the willingness of the NPCs to compete with the international payment systems for market share market tools. We see such a desire," — said the banker.


the opinion of the Chairman of the Board Labanca Boris Lipkin, today there remain numerous questions from banks and the population as to how will the integration of maps "the World" in the global payment system. Banks in this context are concerned with the formation of the income of conversion operations, of transactions and others.

"with regard to domestic operations, it is also not very clear on what the banks can earn. Do not take a Commission from the public sector? That is, there is no clarity in respect of the business plan for the introduction of these cards and prospects: at what rate will continue to issue cards, what pace to develop the ATM network and the like — lists Lipkin. — Let's say, China has its own payment system China UnionPay, but there are billions of cards are released, they operate around the world. We obviously are on a different scale. With regard to the population as soon as the practice of using cards, "World", then of course, there will be more clarity and more confidence to these cards".


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