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As it became known, the Bank "Russian Standard" the first involved large retailbuy network to a pilot project of the program of loyalty of the SS "Mir". This is the largest connection in the "pilot", noted in "the Russian Standard". deeper examination of the "peaceful" loyalty program on the basis of this case.

More is better

From 22 June the Bank "Russian Standard" has joined the pilot project of the program of loyalty of the SS "Mir" as the acquirer. In addition, the credit institution has "brought" with him to the loyalty program of the national payment system of a major retailer – the Coffee Bean, which positions itself as first chain coffee shop, appeared in Moscow 20 years ago. "Russian Standard" will ensure the implementation of the mechanism of cashback that will get for purchases in the Coffee Bean cardholders "Peace."

In General, the national payment system there are over 240 member banks, which are the acquirer (i.e. service card "the World"), and 90 issuers (some are both acquirers and issuers). "Russian Standard" while the card "the World" is not planning to issue.

According to the Director of the Department acquiring Bank "Russian Standard" Inna Yemelyanova, as of the first trading-the service enterprises (TSP), which is a credit institution as the acquirer will connect to the "peaceful" loyalty program, Coffee Bean was chosen for two reasons.

"first, we are impressed by the network itself Coffee Bean. It is the partner who is not afraid of new projects, bold decisions. Here to support and actively develop any loyalty services to their customers. In this they are very similar to us, says Emel. — Secondly, Coffee Bean is the oldest coffee chain in Russia, a popular and favorite place of recreation for Muscovites. This is the point where high throughput of visitors, the coffee shops just to follow the demand for a loyalty program from the NPCs, so we very quickly understand how, in practice, runs this project."

Yemelyanov predicts that "Russian Standard" will attract a loyalty program payment system "World", quite a number of partners, and adds: "Today, we are trusted by more than 200 thousand companies, including retail chains, hotels, airports, restaurants and fast food, boutiques and shops in all price segments, taxi, cosmetic salons and many others. So I think it will be our partners in those areas where acquiring "Russian Standard" traditionally dominated".

How does the loyalty program work

the Program of loyalty of the SS "Mir" will start in autumn 2017. For it even created a special portal on which holders of the national "plastic" can redeem shares of the partners and buy goods, which will be assessed cashback.


In the form of kesbeke on the map "the World" will return a part of spent on buying tools. And not in the form of bonuses or points, namely as cash.

According to the NBTS, the average size of the refund in the part of the loyalty program "the World" reaches 10-15%. But individual stocks can reach up to 50%.


Platform of the transactional marketing of the SS "Mir" (so called in the NPS is a loyalty program) will give retailers the ability to create targeted marketing offers for holders of the national cards. In turn, the holders of the platform will allow you to receive cash rewards from retailers when you pay with a card "the World". Third party acquiring banks will be able to obtain additional Commission. This was recently said on the conference portal "loyalty Programs: the battle for the client" Deputy Director of Department of development of products and business nvqs Pavel Soloviev.


It is also described in detail the scheme of the loyalty program of the SS "Mir". Its direct participants are the NPCs itself, holders of the card "the World", producing the product, banks (issuers), acquiring banks and enterprises from the sphere of retail.

natural persons, the holder of the "World" will not need to issue a separate card to join the loyalty program. You only have to register themselves and existing the card of "Peace" on the program website

When on this portal the customer will see attractive offer (share), he would need to activate his or her participation. Further, the holder of the card "the World" comes to the shop or sales point, which is this action, pays the expense of the national "plastic" and gets your cashback. Each partner the size of kesbeke will be different.

For the company-retailer all implemented in the following way. The company chooses their target audience and publishes her proposal in Next, the retailer will be able in real time tracking sales through outstanding product or service due to the influx of customers — cardholders "Peace." The company will need to pay a Commission only on target shopping at its portal, loyalty program promotions. Through such interaction the merchant will be able to attract new customers, increase the frequency of purchases and average purchase size, and optimize client stream (and even to deal with customer churn).


Their partners in the loyalty program "the World" expect to lead and other large acquirers. The intention confirmed VTB 24, SMP Bank, Bank, SDM-Bank, Bank OTKRITIE.

"the loyalty program of the National system of payment cards of VTB 24 is planning to join the autumn of 2017 as part of the issue. Merchants with which the Bank cooperates, we plan to connect next year. Among the principal differences of the new loyalty program is its promotion at the state level, as well as the ease of connection for TSP", — says the Vice-President, Director of acquiring Department of VTB 24 Alexey Kirichek.

the Bank now produces the required technical settings and is planning to join the loyalty program of the SS "Mir" in the third quarter of 2017.

"To the end of the year we want to raise at least five thousand of TSP, — said the Director of the Department of remote banking service of the Bank Nikita Clips. – That is planned to connect five thousand retail points of sales or approximately one – half thousand legal entities. Roughly in July as the acquirer connect the first pilot trade-service enterprise".

the key difference between the loyalty programs of the SS "Mir" from the programs of other payment systems sees Clamps in the magnitude of the domestic program in the fact that TSP is itself able to design their proposals and identify target segments to which they are directed.

Asian-Pacific Bank (ATB) will be connected to the loyalty program "the World" as soon as it starts.

"the Main feature of the loyalty program "the World" that the loyalty of the customer in this case pays point of sale, providing a discount on goods in return kesbeke, and the issuing Bank, the acquiring Bank and the NBTS are rewarded for that client to that point came and made a purchase on the card "World". In the classic loyalty program pays the Issuer for some products pays payment system", — says head of Department of Bank cards ATB Stanislav Feoktistov.

the plans of the Bank "Opening" to connect to the loyalty program of the SS "Mir" this summer.

"We also plan to start connecting businesses to the program with several tens of TSP, then we will increase the number of participants the growth of demand, — said the press service of the Bank. – Currently negotiating with, the first dozen customers. Roughly the first TSP plug in June. The difference between this loyalty program — a convenient tool for TSP, allowing the flexibility to customize offers according to their needs."

MCB carried out a test connection to the national loyalty program in February 2017. The first TSP was connected to him on 19 June 2017, after the completion of the testing of the loyalty program. To start up a credit institution "will" about 15 TSP, and by the end of the year a few dozen.

"is currently negotiating with 15 TSP, including a network of grocery supermarkets, boutiques of young Russian designers and shops of brand clothes, — explain in a press-service RNCB, specifying that we are talking about companies based in the Crimea. In the future, this program can cover the largest possible number of customers and merchants throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, in this way, customers will get a chance to get cashback for everyday purchases, and merchants will be able to study in detail the preferences of his audience."

SDM-Bank was one of the first "entered" in the program of loyalty of the SS "Mir" — in September 2016. At the moment the credit institution has recruited 17 TSP.

The Bank has no plans to attract new TSP. "Let's connect on desired customer", — said the press service of the Bank, pointing as plus loyalty program is that it is a single platform for all participants of the SS "Mir" with the same conditions of kesbeke to all holders of these cards regardless of the issuing Bank.

SMP Bank was also among the first countries to join the loyalty program of the SS "Mir" in December of 2016. Moreover, as stated in the financial institution, SMP Bank was the first and only Bank involved in the pilot project as an Issuer and acquirer at the same time.

"a Number of merchants who are clients of the Bank are connected to the loyalty program, the work in this direction continues. Mostly retail stores, power point, and Internet shopping," says the Director of Department of payment systems of SMP Bank Elena Bingonova.

the Main difference between this loyalty program from programs of competitors she sees in the speed of crediting cashback to customers and his size: he is above average in loyalty programs, international payment systems, and the transfer occurs within a few days after the operation on the map.

In General, the participants of the market believe that the bulk of the partners of the loyalty program "the World" still "put" Sberbank, VTB 24 and "Russian Standard". After all, they are the three largest banks-acquirers in Russia.


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