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A little bit of magic: photographing the city

Dmitry Borko

in the series by Alexander Bikbov: "the City. The view from the inside" at the Museum of modern art "Garage"

on 22 June, 19.30

"the City through the eyes of a photographer" , Dmitry Borko and Anton Akimov, with the participation of Alexander Anufrieva

Faces and places, unique events and routine repetition: having the status of the document, urban photography not only captures the actual shape and current configuration of life in the metropolis. The performative photograph because the photographer is able to transform what is hidden in the iconic, re-draw the boundary between the visible and the invisible, in passing to make a random typical. Photographers two generations will represent Moscow in the 1990s and 2010s, which seems to be two different cities.

the Participants will discuss what it means to create a portrait of the city and illustrate the dialogue with his works. Following sides, we will see how by means of photography you can turn hidden in the observed, as by means of snapshot to track changes in the city, and possibly influence them.

Anton Akimov

I Think photography is like no other media, speaks for itself. But "home" is the most interesting, sensually and socially — is contained in a thin layer of meanings, allusions, bodily reactions, which is slightly above the surface of the picture, barely noticeable from it otsloilas. It is here that works anarhicheskij, soft mechanism of photographic documents. And when the photographer says of his work, this layer is markedly shown by the effect of the series, the idea of history.

I am particularly interested in meeting photographers of different generations, for which these don't seem so distant from each other periods it becomes the subject of careful study. Obviously this is a different space, different sociality radically different logic of (self -) presentation of the metropolis — and, of course, differing methods of work of the participants of the conversation.

Alexander Anufriev

the Debate and subsequent events series will be held in the Lecture hall of the Museum (the main building, in the diagram the input contains the number "1").

On the website of the "Garage" you can see the entire program cycle and to select the most interesting events.

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