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MFK Smbfinance attracts investors press releases 22.06.2017 at 07:25

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Smbfinance the Company launched a project to attract financial investment from individuals . Now, the company attracts investments with a yield of 20% per annum for terms from 1 to 12 months.

Investments in the microfinance business have established themselves as the method is effective investment. In total, 2016 MFIs attracted 45.7 billion rubles of private investment. The main advantage of investment in MFIs — high yield: average 18%, with 8% in banks.

To attract private investment company must have a special status — IFC. The regulator in the face of the Central Bank established a high threshold of entry into this category of companies is overcome only large, financially stable market participants. High requirements for investors: the minimum investment amount of 1.5 million rubles.

Alexander Artemov, the General Director of Sspins comments on the appearance of a new product:

"We launched an investment product, received in early may, the IFC status, which indicates high assessment of the reliability and confidence of the Central Bank.

When you create a product, we focused on high yield, in terms of flexibility and convenience for the customer. For seven years in the Russian FINTECH market we were able to verify the effectiveness of our business model: we occupy a leading position in the rankings. The investment will allow the company to implement expansion plans of the proposals Sspins, and our investors will be able to get up to 200 000 rubles per each invested million.

the Advantage of our product is the possibility of early repayment of Deposit — other companies this service is not provided. Even if the company has such opportunity in the refund agreement lasts up to two months. The application is considered Smbfinance 10 days".

the Division of the microfinance sector into two types of companies (IFC and IBC) was the result of the Federal law No. 407-FZ. IFC now make up about 1% of all microfinance institutions in the registry of the Central Bank. These companies, unlike the ICC, given the opportunity to accept investments from individuals between 1.5 million and to issue up to 1 million rubles as a loan to the client. For IFC expanded identification criteria: authenticated companies can carry out verification remotely. That provision creates the legal framework for introducing financial products: protect remote interaction with the client and reduces the risk to the online market. Earlier, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina has supported the sector, stressing that it is socially important segment of the financial market.


LTD IFC SMSFINANCE operates under the brand [ smbfinance } c 2011. The company provides financial services online for individuals. For 7 years on the market, the company has provided loans to more than 260 thousand people, giving over 5 billion rubles.

According to the actual ranking, RAEX (Expert RA), the company ranks first in the size of the portfolio and a leading position in the segment of online loans "till payday".

SMSFINANCE refers to the sector of financial technology services companies operating on the basis of a unique IT-platform, developed by our own team.

Due to the high automation of processes, services SMSFINANCE available remotely via the Internet.

For additional information, please contact Smsfiles .