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The day when there was Windows 98 25.06.2017 at 09:30

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25 June 1967 was the first show of TV programs worldwide transmission was watched simultaneously by many people in different countries. Program Our World ("Our world" — eng.) shown in 24 countries located on five continents, and the total coverage of the audience exceeded 400 million people. Was broadcast by the legendary rock band and The Beatles first sang the song All You Need Is Love.

the record television audience on 6 September 1997 gathered another stream dedicated to very sad event. During the funeral procession of the Princess of Wales Diana watched live to 2.5 billion people. The most popular TV program today considered automotive transmission of Top Gear in 2013, it was shown in 212 countries around the world.

the Beatles plays in the global TV show Our World

25 June 1998 was submitted to the Windows 98 operating system. Essentially, it presented an updated version of Windows 95 was based on MS-DOS 7.1. In comparison with the "ninety-fifth wind" was brought to mind some features are: added support for the AGP bus and with multiple monitors, and it became possible to send the computer into sleep mode, and also added Windows Update, which allowed you to download system updates and applications from the Internet. For surfing the web, the system immediately installed the Internet Explorer 4.

For Windows 98 required a personal computer with a 486DX processor level with a frequency of 66 MHz or better 16 MB of RAM and no less than 195 MB of free disk space.

it is Interesting that during the first product presentation held live on CNN, you have a computer running Windows 98, happened the fatal error that caused the "blue screen of death". However, the operating system has gained tremendous popularity, and its support was discontinued on 11 July 2006.

Windows 98 and bill gates

June 25, 2001, the company ATI (now owned by AMD) has officially allowed third-party companies to release their video cards. Before that, all the graphics it produced itself and under its own name. Thus the canadian firm has finally turned into a chip maker, that is the manufacturer of the processors (in this case graphic). The first partner of ATI was Acer-DMS, and later it was joined by such well-known brands like DFI, FIC, GIGABYTE, Lite-On Technology Corporation and USI. By the time NVIDIA also gave up self-releasing graphics cards, but focused solely on the development of graphics processors.

Such decisions are taken by "red" and "green", dramatically affected today's market. First, there are many interesting (albeit to some extent, dependent) firms. Now, some companies began to work exclusively with AMD and others NVIDIA. For example, "red corner" are beloved by the Russians, SAPPHIRE, PowerColor, HIS, and XFX — these firms and in sorrow and in joy, maintains and supports ATI (AMD). In the opposite corner is home to some manufactures, like EVGA, ZOTAC, GALAX, Leadtek. Second, the resolution of third-party companies produce graphics cards that allowed by the producers to create multiple versions of graphics cards using the same chips. This diversity in part led to the emergence of a subculture of enthusiasts, modders and overclockers.

Many monitored by PWM graphics card