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Refurb Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available July 7 28.06.2017 at 07:38

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In the Wall Street Journal write that Samsung will release a restored Galaxy Note 7 is on 7 July. The device will debut in South Korea and will cost 700 000 won (about 615 USD).

Given that this date was mentioned several times in the network, it is likely that on 7 July, the gadget to buy. It is also claimed that Samsung plans to sell 400,000 smartfon on the home market.

Recall that, according to different versions, the Galaxy Note 7 will be "reborn" like the Galaxy Note or Galaxy Note 7R FE, which means Fan Edition, edition for fans. If you believe the photos, the difference is restored, the device can be quite easily — by a big letter R on the back panel in the lower right corner.

Recall that in late March, Samsung officially confirmed plans to return the restored Galaxy Note 7 is on sale, in cases where this is possible.

the Device also will get new buildings, so the design may differ slightly from the originally. Most hardware components will remain exactly the same as the original. However, he will come with a fresh installed version of the operating system — Android 7.0 Nougat.

the Recall of defective Galaxy Note 7 in the fall of 2016 was unprecedented in scale for Samsung. As shown by the investigation of the causes of fire and suicide bombing smartphones, the explosions were due to batteries, but rather because of errors in their manufacture and problems with the technological process of Assembly.