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Unimodularity months - both of Spring!

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 02.07.2017 at 11:22

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

In July unimodularly months become Springs - table and individual.

This means that until July 31, everyone can purchase these unimodularity with 20% discount from the basic price, which is 456,0 RUB

base price


a Little bit about why it is the Springs were unimodularly month in July.

First of all, because it has become a tradition that we decided not to change, even despite the cool summer.

we All drink water, and, anyway, in the summer it occurs in large quantities. What kind of water to drink, our bodies are not all the same!

We can think all we want, but the body is not fooled!

If the water has properties that are not useful and even harmful for it, then it must eventually affect his health. We do not understand the cause of the problems. And the reason is simple: the regular consumption of "bad" water!

such water can be called "alive", i.e. water which activates the output of our organisms metabolic products called toxins.

But there is a way that is easy and pleasant to drink water, soaked EM for a Spring table.

the fact that the water in our body plays a huge role. First of all, it is involved in all metabolic processes. We are not just using water quenching thirst. Drinking water, we give our body the most important material for virtually all processes occurring in it. And this material needs to be of good quality.

a Person can live without water for very little time - just a few days. But without food in the presence of water much longer. This fact alone speaks volumes.

the THREE most important functions of water:

contributes to the normal delivery of nutrients in our body from the body to the organ to the smallest cell, promotes proper conclusion of metabolic products (toxins) and thereby to maintain normal metabolism, is the basis for information transfer in the body (as it turned out, water is the medium which takes part in the transfer of information). To ensure that all is carried out, the water consumed us, must have certain qualities.

Where to get such water?

There is nothing easier. Tool for creating exactly the kind of water you have. This unimodular Lab Infotech Spring table.

Clean, healthy, living water we can be always at hand.

TWO main properties of water. processed on EM Spring Board:

water krupnorazmernyh becomes melcockleternm. Such water works in our body on all levels, performing all the above functions! the water is purified of information is very important today (see webinars about the "Living water").

Below you will find links to articles and videos about the Spring Board from which to learn more about its properties.

let's Not forget about the Spring an individual that works with aquatic environments of the body, and improving their quality. After all, our body consists of on average 80% water!

In a pair of Board Spring and Spring individual give a great result, as proven by experience and research:

people have normal pressure,

improved phospholipid metabolism, reduce blood viscosity, starts to work better intestines gradually put in order cardiovascular system, improves skin condition, which is especially important for women,

restored skeletal system, especially joints,

of course, normal weight, and much more. You can imagine what dangers we can protect ourselves only at the expense of taking "spring" water?

►Especially clearly the positive effect felt by the people of middle and old age though, because with the years, the "slagging" of our body increases and manifests itself in the form of various ailments.

When the process output products of metabolism (toxins) start to occur more actively, the person is gradually freed from the painful manifestations of "slagging". And through necoro time he feels literally born again. The only warning - it should be easy at a certain pace, not overloading the body. Naturally, every person paced your.

just Think how many people are trying to help people to get rid of this payload in one way or another!

But that is the way that is easy and pleasant to drink water, seasoned on EM Spring table.

►the Positive results of the interaction with these modulators, we could list a very long time.

Those who tried these devices in action, I know it's not from our words, and through his practice.

Those who are still not familiar with the Springs, have a wonderful opportunity to do it with a nice discount of 20%.

of Course, we still have and a wonderful breeze-7, which is also capable of a variety of "miracles", in particular, with water, various beverages, but in July - the Springs.


View the following very interesting short movie you will understand, what is the difference krupnorazmernyh water from melcockleternm, and why the benefits of the latter for the human body is invaluable.

so, friends, we remind you that until July 31, you can

to buy Springs, both desktop and individual, with 20% discount!

the amount of Springs in this action, we do not limit you!


we Offer you a video created by the specialists of the club.

He also tells many interesting things about water, its properties, and the impact of the EM Spring table water.

This video gives answers to many questions.

Below we have prepared for you links to our articles, from which you learn a lot more about the work of water in the body and the work of the Springs. About the water we drink, and unimodular Spring. Spring and cage Em a Spring table - the hidden effects Research drops of bottled water (0.2 cube) in GDV-camera Korotkova Before and AFTER exposure to EM Spring table. Studies of blood cells by the method of Professor V. V. Bankova Before and AFTER exposure to EM breeze-7 - the study shows the decrease in the viscosity of the cell membrane of red blood cells.

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