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"Give the modulator a second life"

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 02.07.2017 at 17:32

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

1 on July 15 announced the "give your modulator a second life!". Hurry to take advantage!

This action gives an opportunity for everyone to exchange for a super-preferential terms, at half the price, those of modulators, the appearance of which has suffered in the "battle" for our Harmony!

regardless of the year of their purchase! And even modifications! Accepted and rarities - those that laminate!!!

►I Must say that in most cases, modulators even from a purely external defects remain operational (if not stratified), but still everyone wants to see their best friend's handsome.

it is Important!

Laboratory Infotech provides a guarantee for the integrity of animatorov for a period of 12 months (it is written in the passport).

This means that the Laboratory during the warranty period for free changes the modulators, the appearance of which has suffered through no fault of their owner (sometimes even takes into account the various force-majeure circumstances).

the Terms of exchange.

1. Subject to exchange unimodularity can have different damage, such as streaks or delamination of the top layer, delamination of the plates, bloating and so on. Or they may relate to outdated versions (e.g., release 1997-2004 gg - in the clear laminate).

2. Unimodularity that is to be exchanged, must be either brought into the club office, or sent by mail at least a simple letter, you can send a photo by e-mail, if the damage on it is clearly visible. AFTER THAT will be exchanged.

3. Unimodular Briz-7 in this action is not involved (but guarantee its integrity, of course, also available).

*** Please note! The acquisition of the modulator of this action does not provide for the accrual of points and rewards.

amendments to the terms of the exchange:

1. Terms of the exchange are quite affordable. Exchanging is not necessary in the modulator of the same name and at the same price. You can exchange to another modulator (for example: breeze-3 on Phoenix for half the price of the Phoenix).

2. When sending to another city or country postage paid by the recipient.

!!! Purchased at animedestiny warranty obligations also extend to 12 months.

You can apply for exchange any available for you:

on the office phone (495) 502-5944 from 13-00 to 19-00 on weekdays, Saturdays from 13-00 to 17-00

by e-mail to any address,,,

through the order form on the website,

through the forum in a personal e-mail Helena S. ,

through the feedback form of the website in the bottom of the page.

All questions regarding this promotion please direct to the same topic.

the Action lasts two weeks - from July 1 to 15 incl.

Try to make it!

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