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The MFC will accept the money for the payment of services

Legal aid 08.07.2017 at 09:51

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Turning to MFC (My documents) for the provision of public or municipal services, in some cases, required to pay the state fee. For example, when applying for the state registration of transition of the property right required to pay legal costs 2 000. for individuals (participants of the transaction on alienation of real estate) or the state fee for receiving a statement of the egrn. In some MFTS installed the terminals of the savings Bank for payment of state fees. In some MFTS terminals for state duty payment is not, as apparently it is not profitable to install. In addition, if you pay through the terminal of the savings Bank is required to provide a Bank card. However, not everyone has a Bank card and have it in some cases impractical. In this case, the stamp duty has to pay the details in the nearest Branch of the savings Bank, which is not very convenient. As you have to queue to pay the registration fee. In addition, the savings Bank takes the Commission for transferring funds for the payment of the registration fee. The difficulty is that the nearest Branch of the savings Bank may be very far from the office MFC (My documents). Such disorganization in the payment of state duties brings a lot of problems to citizens when applying for the services of the IFC.

In order to eliminate encountered by citizens of problems in the provision of public and municipal services, proposed to give the MFC authority to receive cash for payment of state fees for the rendering of state and municipal services.

the Draft Federal law "On amendments to article 16 of the Federal law "On organization of rendering state and municipal services" provides the legal ability of the IFC to carry out the receipt of money from claimants on account of fees for providing public and municipal services and the payment of other payments in the cases provided by Federal laws.

the Project is named the Federal law is under consideration (giving an opinion to committees).