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Owners fourplex homes exempt from contributions for the repair

Legal aid 08.07.2017 at 19:20

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Under the residential house of the blocked building means a residential building with number of floors no more than three, consisting of several units, whose number does not exceed ten, and each designed for one family, has a common wall (common wall) no openings with neighbouring block or adjacent blocks, located on a private land plot and has access to the shared. Such a definition of the term "Residential building of the blocked construction" in paragraph 2 of part 2 of article 49 of the Urban development code of the Russian Federation.

mainly in the rural settlements have a fourplex two-story house, which cannot be recognized houses of blocked development. In this case, such a fourplex two-story house are to be included in the regional program overhaul. The owners of apartments in such a fourplex two-storeyed houses against the inclusion of their homes in the regional program overhaul, as its a fourplex house, they repair themselves as necessary. Typically, such a fourplex home on the direct management of owners of apartments in this house. There is no need for the transfer of contributions for capital repairs if the owners of these houses alone make a decision about the repair of those or other communications or other public property. At the same time to generate funds for major repairs on the special account in the Bank is also not beneficial for such houses as the cost of servicing Bank accounts exceed the amount of contributions for capital repairs.

the Legislator suggested the draft Federal law "On amendments to article 168 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation" according to which, the subject of the Russian Federation will be entitled not to include in the regional program of capital repairs of apartment houses in which there is less than five apartments. Thus, the changes to the legislation will give owners of these houses is entitled to carry out major repairs of houses without making contributions for the overhaul. As well, in fact it is. In addition, the Fund of regional operator will not be made major repairs of these homes, which will reduce inefficient spending of the regional operator.

currently the above-mentioned draft Federal law is under consideration.