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Sociology of the invisible city

Anyone who wants to know in detail how the invisible Moscow who are interested in urban themes, tools or social Sciences the opportunity to conduct a civil investigation, who asked or didn't ask question lecture, "the City through the eyes of a sociologist" June 15

the Museum of modern art "Garage" invites you to master class

How to capture invisible city: the subjective geography of Moscow

sociologist Alexander Bikbov: and research group". The view from the inside"

on Tuesday 11 July, 19.30

in the Lecture hall of the Museum (in the diagram the input contains the number "1")

Master class lessons learned from social research "of the City. The view from the inside" conducted in preparing the public cycle. Alexander Bikbov and members of the research team will describe the model, talk about the Arsenal of analytical tools and human technology used in a compact study of the metropolis, will offer semireflexivity view of the role of the participants of the city project. What are the advantages of narrative interviews and interviews while walking? What is the relationship between learning meetings and urban sociology? Helps or hinders video camera when diving into the depths of an invisible city? Special attention will be given to the comments and questions of visitors of the master class, ready to take independent study and want to know where to start and how to proceed.

We are intrigued by the diversity of life styles and hidden features of the metropolis, we need a means of solving problems point of building and demolition five-story building, we wish to better manage their time and space in Moscow. For this and much other necessary knowledge. Knowledge of the city he how and with whom we share it, affect our quality of life. Can such knowledge to give a professional urbanists, or ways to acquire it more diverse? How to conduct a study of the metropolis, without disappearing into the multidimensionality of urban life? How to choose the right scale and reveal the invisible dimension of the city in the obvious? What tools and approaches help us to capture the practice of development of cities and diversity of urban life styles? This and other issues, knowledge about the metropolis devoted the master class.

we Invite all comers. Admission is free, registration preferred.

On the website of the "Garage" you can see the entire program cycle and to select the most interesting events.