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Rapid testing using GDV-camera

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 13.07.2017 at 15:35

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

A rapid survey of human functional state using the method of gas discharge visualization Professor Korotkov K. G. (GDV-camera of Korotkov).

This method is based on a study of the energy system of the person. It provides for the removal of indicators (electric signal) from the tips of the fingers, on what basis the conclusion about the entire energy system of the person and the conclusion about the state of his field structures.

the result of this study, people:

receives reliable information about the energy and the functional state of organs and organism in General; learns what is its total energy, what is the status of the system and its energy centers (chakras) and field structures (biofield) and many more.

the following is a description of those programs which are used in case of Express testing using GDV camera.

this study Conducts a certified specialist in this field, Nina V. Tymoshenko.

the Cost of the Express study in the framework of the open Day 19 July - 450 RUB.

Need pre-registration.

telephone recording: (495) 502-5944, (495) 917-27-43 working hours of the office.

On method

the Method of gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) is computer registration and analysis of gas discharge glow (GDV-images) of any biological objects placed in the electromagnetic field of high tension.

Numerous studies have shown that the intensity, nature and structure of the specific luminescence of living tissue to an alternating electric field (GDV-glow) depends on the initial state of the object (level of life processes, functional state of individual organs and tissues, specificity of pathological processes). Consequently, GDV-method gives the opportunity to evaluate structural-functional state of the organism with obtaining stable reproducible results in real time.

the Study is carried out using three main programs included in the hardware-software complex "GDV-camera".

1. Analysis of changes of the indicator of the area of the energy field, its symmetry, and total energy BEFORE and AFTER interaction. 2. Analysis of changes in the functional and energetic state of organs and biological systems of the body BEFORE and AFTER the interaction, presented in the form of pie charts with the corresponding charts. 3. Analysis of changes of indicators of energy saturation of the chakras (energy centers) and emotional and physical condition of the person BEFORE and AFTER the interaction with the modulator.

the Diameter of a circle corresponding to a particular chakra, shows the energy level of the center and offset circle right or left indicates the degree of the emotional-physical imbalance.

during the study, You will receive appropriate advice and clarification.

If you wish, you can buy (50 p.) CD-ROM where the specialist will write you the results of the study.


If you wish, you can pass a double comparative study, which involves the removal of indicators BEFORE and AFTER a brief interaction with one of unimodular Lab Infotech for 30-40 minutes.

the Purpose of this study was to identify and evaluate changes occurring in psychosomatic and organ level, in dynamics BEFORE and AFTER the interaction with EM. And also give correct recommendations for their selection and use.

the Cost of this research 650 rubles.

the results of GDV testing BEFORE and AFTER interaction with one of anomodontia Infotech

(click on the photo, it enlarges).

As you can see, in all cases the results AFTER the interaction with anomodontia are very different in the results BEFORE.

We invite You also for a full GDV-study - in more detail .

Record by phone: (495) 502-5944, (495) 917-27-43 working hours of the office.

are Waiting for You and Your friends in our club!

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