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July 19, Wednesday, rapid testing in the Club KIT.

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 13.07.2017 at 20:28

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, 19 July Club KIT invites everyone to the open Day! This time the main feature of this day - rapid testing on GDV-camera Korotkova just 450 rubles.

!!! The open day is an opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with the club, with our team, with unimodularly Infotech, network with like-minded people, in short, a nice time.

of Course, in this day of all offers certain bonuses. :ax:

First of all, this rapid testing using GDV-camera of Korotkov for only 450 rubles!!! This method is based on a study of the energy system of the person through the removal of indicators (electric signal) from the tips of the fingers (the method of Kirlian).

Further, these data are processed by computer programs developed by the group of Professor Korotkov (P-P), on the basis of which the conclusion about the entire energy system of the person, his state of the energy centers (chakras) and its field structures (biofield).

As well as the functioning of the organs and systems of organs depends on the work of its energy system, then according to the obtained data, we can draw conclusions about the functional state of the organism.

for More details about the Express test >>

Attention! On the same day, you can DOUBLE (comparative) testing., which involves the readings of meters TO interact with one of animatorov and AFTER

the Purpose of comparative testing is to identify and evaluate the changes occurring in the human body in dynamics BEFORE and AFTER the interaction with one of EM (the interaction time of approximately 30 minutes). And also give correct recommendations for their selection and use.


For this study you need to register by phone 8 (495) 502-5944, 8 (495) 917-27-43 during office hours, or by any other available means (e-mail, the address in PM here on the forum to Elena, as well as through the feedback form)

on this day guests and club members wishing to purchase gold (any amount) will receive great discounts, which size corresponds to the size of the discount Bonus birthday.:hy: Recalls that for Valid club members discounts for this day are added to their club discounts.

the amount of discounts can be found here >> And all who will come or will come to us in this day, waiting for the lottery! And win-WIN. :fw: do Not promise that everyone will benefit exactly the modulators, but something will win for sure (we have a lot of interesting things).

Receive winnings immediately, as they say, "without departing from cash Desk".

in short, come be interesting and useful! :fh:

Friends, if you have questions, feel free to call on office telephone (495) 502-5944, (495) 917-2743 during regular business hours or write:,

Remember that to come to our club on this day you can when you are comfortable, that is, starting with 13-30 and to 19-00.

But GDV-study will start from 15.00.

Come with guests! They will be able to purchase their first inomoderator at a significant discount (see above)

Before the meeting!

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