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Work / Other automated service selling traffic, cheat clicks

Courses. 15.07.2017 at 06:05


Sell traffic, traffic, buy traffic service for traffic, cheat clicks, wrap advertising, wrapping transitions, to wind transitions


the Service of selling traffic is a service where you can buy traffic for your websites or different tasks.

We offer our users an automated service for buying traffic that works 24/7 for You.

For different tasks, we used a template system. You simply create the template and set the filters, then it starts to receive traffic.

[center]Our contacts

ICQ: 1711850


Skype: live:alllerzo

Our website:

For any questions and services you can write on these contacts, we will advise you! [/center]

to Whom it may be polezno?





[*]PR companies and their owners

[*]Cheaters advertising

[*]Anyone who somehow want to cheat traffic, conversions, clicks on banners/advertising or to create a simulation of visits.


Our prices

the Price on our website does not depend on fully. The price is tied to the quality of the traffic quality score in the system is the local currency - reais. The better set to filter traffic, the greater is 1 such an arrangement (in the reals). Accordingly we can buy like cheap traffic, and enhanced filtration.

the Average price per 1000 clicks (duration 120-150 sec) is in the region of 200 - 300r.

the Exact price depends on the settings.

What makes us different from others?


[*]Full access to control the template + the ability to create templates according to your settings

[*]Comfortable management traffic filtering

[*]Convenient control built-in templates (there are several ready for different tasks templates)

[*]We just give a tool, and don't ask for what you traffic

[*]the Ability to play different actions: clicks, conversions, simulating movements of the mouse, to spoof user agents search keywords, referrers.


the features of the control panel


[*]Built-in pattern generator

[*]Filtering by geo (country, city, region, districts)

[*]Ability to create your own templates and change them 24/7

[*]the Optimal volume of traffic (more than 50 000 unique visitors daily)

[*]Reporting on IP addresses

[*]Filtering visitors by VPN, proxy, different speeds of channel

[*]the Ability to use templates commands (faq-code)

[*]Ticket system (we will always advise or adjust the template for you for a fee)

[*]team Ready to cheat the voting, various clicks, transitions, spoofing referrers and more!


How to start?

To start working with us, you need to register, then to fill the balance of any amount and to try out our service. Note: we do not refund the money and not engage in self-advertising, because the minimum price of a recharge is only $ 100. These funds will be enough to test any template in our service, and decision on further cooperation.

the counters take into account traffic?

We use only real action, that is, all transitions and clicks are actually using the software. There is no fraud and cheating only counters do not. Because everything should be correct on all counts (I.metric and others). Another issue is that sometimes the error can be in not the correct custom template.

Real people or not?

Live visitors we have, all users will go with using and automation.

That we are not doing:


[*]do NOT sell traffic and ligaments, sploit and other viruses

[*]do NOT provide DDOS services

[*]do NOT load your bots and other requests

[*]do NOT discuss methods of attracting traffic in our system

[*]NOT interested in your schemes of draining the traffic and do not enter into them for the fraction

[*]We work only on THEIR own terms, and NOTHING more!


Screenshots of the control panel