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Sinister skull of smoke seen in the sky over Vesuvius

MComp 16.07.2017 at 22:40

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Italy is mired in a severe forest fire from which the blaze began, and the slopes of the volcano. In the sky above Vesuvius eyewitnesses noticed an ominous skull, completes the picture of a natural disaster.

In Sicily raging wildfires which forced the evacuation of thousands of tourists. The cause of the fire is not officially known, but local residents believe that this involved the mafia. Now, however, the Italians appeared reason to believe that the fire was just the beginning and is complemented by a sinister omen in the form of a giant skull out of the smoke. Users of social networks publish photos of the smoke from the slopes of Vesania, in clubs which is clearly visible human skull of enormous size. This phenomenon is immediately dubbed "the beast" volcano, which has returned after thousands of years and even drew an analogy with the legendary tragedy in Pompeii.

According to the unofficial version, the fire started due to the fact that the criminal personality began to burn waste on illegal landfills. Authorities have not yet reported the version.

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