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Investigating the case of Hillary Clinton, the Republican found dead

MComp 17.07.2017 at 01:40

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

One of the members of the Republican party Peter Smith, who conducted a non-governmental investigation have been deleted from the personal mailbox Hillary Clinton 33 thousand letters, was found dead.

the police say that the cause of his death is suicide, however, detractors of the former presidential candidate, argue that the act of her people, who disguised the murder look like a suicide. 81-year-old American was found dead in his room at the hotel "Rochester" in Minnesota. In this same room was a stack of various documents along with a suicide note in which Smith talks about the rapidly deteriorating state of health. The day before his death Smith had shared in two publications. In one of them he says that the conclusions of us intelligence about RF interference in the elections in 2016 is wrong. In another he noted that the theme of the so-called "interference" will go away only when attention is switched to the questions connected with foreign policy. It will happen pretty soon, what Smith has no doubts. It will be recalled that the investigation against Hillary Clinton used personal email for work purposes was discontinued a year ago without filing a claim.

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