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PR-VIP.RU automatic service promotion in social networks

Courses. 15.07.2017 at 17:26


Promotion VC, TW, Youtube, Fb, Instagram, Google+, Odnoklassniki

Service PR-VIP.RU - automatic service promotion in social networks, YouTube, Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Odnoklassniki.

We offer our users a convenient service for advertisement of any objects in these social networks.

all the actions in our system are performed by living people, is key to the quality of work and speed.

All orders are fulfilled fast enough, this makes us different from the usual offer networks where lead times can sometimes reach a couple of days.

Will be glad to see new advertisers in our service!

Our contacts


Our website:

For any questions and services you can write on these contacts, we will advise you!

Our guarantee

[*]All actions are performed with real people

[*]merchant Passport Bl:>350+

[*]Have the opportunity to test the service on small amounts (50p and above)

[*]Fast execution

[*]the Ability to download reports on the work

[*]Competent technical support via ticket system!

the prices of SERVICES


[*]Put "like" ==> 2 R/PC

[*]Put "I don't like" ==> 2 R/PC

[*]Watch ==> R. 0.3/piece

[*]Subscribe ==> 2 R/PC

[*]Put a "Like" comment ==> 2 R/PC

[*]Add videos to "Watch later" ==> 2 R/PC


[*]membership in the community ==> 2 R/PC

[*]like ==> R. 0.3/piece

[*]post ==> 2 R/PC

[*]Tell your friends ==> 2 R/PC

[*]add video to VK ==> 2 R/PC

[*]Tell about the group ==> R. 3.6/piece

[*]Tell us about the website ==> 2 R/PC


[*]like ==> 1.5 $ /PCs

[*]Tell us about the website ==> 2 R/PC

[*]post ==> 2 R/PC

[*]to Share the post ==> 2 R/PC

[*]To join the event ==> 4 $ /PCs


[*]Subscribe ==> 2 R/PC

[*]like ==> 2 R/PC


[*]Following ==> 0.9 $ /PCs

[*]Retweet ==> 1.5 $ /PCs

[*]Publish post ==> 1.5 $ /PCs

[*]To add a tweet to favorites ==> 1.5 $ /PCs


[*]Put the '+1' ==> 2 R/PC

[*]Share post ==> 2 R/PC

[*]Tell us about the website ==> 2 R/PC

[*]Put a 5 rating on Google Play ==> 16 $ /PCs


[*]To join the group ==> 2 R/PC

[*]Put "class" ==> 2 R/PC

[*]to Share the post ==> 2 R/PC

[*]Tell us about the website ==> 2 R/PC

(*) - All prices are for one action (e.g. "like", join a group, etc.)

the Exact prices can be found on the website they can vary depending on time and demand for services.

For whom our service?

Exclusively for advertisers. All orders are only for them. We are not looking for artists to work, or people that will perform actions. All work is done through advertising with pay per result. The people performing the action - live users and they get part of the money for work done.

is There a report for work?

Yes, all orders are executed in online mode and you can monitor the progress of the work. The process starts immediately after the order, and upon completion (or in process) - you can download the report in XLS format (Excel).

What is Minimum and Maximum order?

the Minimum order is limited to 10 pieces (for example 10 likes).

the Maximum order is limited solely by the number of users in our system. Is approximately 10 000 to 40 000 actions on different services.

To order, visit Our website: PR-VIP.RU ==> go registration ==> Fund balance ==> and You will be able to create a task for users.

are Waiting for You in our service, for large advertisers individual terms and discounts!