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Work / Other automatic service promotion in social networks

Courses. 15.07.2017 at 18:04

Courses. automatic service promotion in social networks

Promotion in Vkontakte, My space, Instagram, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Youtube

Service - automatic service promotion in social networks YouTube, Facebook, My space, Instagram, Twitter, Classmates.

we Offer You to become our member and take advantage of services promotion of the objects in social networks.

the Main difference of our service from others - the cost of implementation services, it is very very low!

For service entry, likes, comments, views and other we use our own database, social networking accounts!

We maintain accounts in working condition is the key to low prices.

Our contacts


Our website:

For any questions and services you can write on these contacts, we will advise you!

Our guarantee

[*]All work produced by their bases account!

[*]merchant Passport Bl:>350+

[*]Have the opportunity to test the service on small amounts (50p)

[*]immediate start

[*]the Ability to stop/remove orders at any stage of execution

[*]free technical through tickets!

the prices of SERVICES


[*]Cheat friends ==> 1pc/0.6525 p.

[*]like ==> 1pc/0.2138 p.

[*]Cheat survey on the wall ==> 1pc/0.5625 p.

[*]Tell your friends ==> 1pc/1.6875 p.

[*]Cheat survey group ==> 1pc/1.575 p.

[*]Wrapping the widget on the sites ==> 1pc/0.675 p.

[*]Wrapping gifts ==> 1pc/2.25 p.

[*]Cheat video views ==> 1pc/0.2025 p.

[*]Comments/posting ==> 1pc/1.125 p.

My World

[*]membership in the group ==> 1pc/0.225 p.

[*]Cheat friends ==> 1pc/0.225 p.

[*]Cheat widget ==> 1pc/0.675 p.


[*]subscribe to profile ==> 1pc/0.3375 p.

[*]like ==> 1pc/0.225 p.

[*]Comments/posting ==> 1pc/1.125 p.


[*]Following ==> 1pc/0.45 p.

[*]Retweet ==> 1pc/0.45 p.

[*]Wrapping the widget on the sites ==> 1pc/0.675 p.

[*]Add a tweet to favorites ==> 1pc/0.45 p.


[*]to Join the group ==> 1pc/0.45 p.

[*]Put "class" ==> 1pc/0.45 p.

[*]to Share the post ==> 1pc/1.125 p.

[*]Wrapping the widget on the sites ==> 1pc/0.675 p.

[*]Cheat friends ==> 1pc/0.45 p.

[*]Cheat survey ==> 1pc/0.675 p.

[*]Cheat contests ==> 1pc/1.125 p.

[*]Comments/posting ==> 1pc/1.125 p


[*]Views YouTube ==> 1000 PCs/67.5 p.

[*]Output TOP/Trends (order via admin) - from 25 000 RUB/roll

(*) - All prices are in Russian rubles (for instance like, join a group, etc.)

prices can be viewed on the website, they can change depending on time and demand for services.

the administration of the service may change prices and conditions without notice.

How to perform these steps?

All actions (likes, views, etc) are our bases of accounts. We do not use live users, it is because we have such low prices.

In many cases, require that such likes, comments and other actions.

How fast is the run order?

Instantly! All orders are started immediately after their execution in our service. No wait!

What is Minimum and Maximum order?

Minimum order limited, 1 piece (for example, 1 like).

the Maximum order is limited to the number of accounts in our database, for each service are different and it shows in the service.

some services (for example, views Vkontakte, YouTube), the restriction is temporary.

How to order service?

For placing orders, You need to subscribe to the service SOC-MARKET.RU and refill your balance with any amount.

After that, You will be able to deliver the order for any service to the desired SOC.

If for some reason the order can not be done, or you want to remove - after removing the money will be returned to the balance.

If partial service has been completed - there is a recalculation of the volume and the amount credited.

are Waiting for You in our service, for large advertisers individual terms and discounts!