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Caviar launches Nokia 3310 and iPhone 7 of "Valyrian steel" 18.07.2017 at 08:38

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Russian manufacturer of luxury smartphones Caviar, known for his extravagant versions of the iPhone, announced the release of a collection of Nokia 3310 and iPhone 7 of "Valyrian steel", dedicated to the launch of the new season of "Game of Thrones".

Theme Nokia 3310 and iPhone 7 got a titanium casing with engraving under the "Valyrian steel", which was created by the sword of Eddard stark's "Ice." Pattern Valyrian steel sword that was recreated by designers for frames of the film, as well as the illustrations for the book series masters such as Michael Komarck and some others.

the Nokia 3310 is also complemented by a gold emblem of House stark. iPhone 7 got all of the above features, plus the bas-relief of the Iron Throne.

In the framework of the limited collection will be released in 99 copies of models from Nokia and the iPhone 7. The cost of Game of Thrones on iPhone 7 starts at 199 000, Nokia 3310 Game of Thrones — 149 000 rubles.