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Its place in the city

The Final event of the year intellectual adventure in the Museum "Garage" cycle "the City. The view from the inside"

master class

the Place in the city: the production of space

on Tuesday 18 July at 19.30

in the Lecture hall of the Museum (in the diagram the input contains the number "1")

the Participants of the master class Anton Polsky / Make (, Alexander Bidin (member of the residential communes), Asya Filippova (CTI "Factory") shows you how to create "own" a shared space in a big city.

Large Russian cities are often alienated vast space, in which are dissolved small Islands individual and family. Non-commercial public sites are particularly rare and valuable: it is the result of non-trivial modes of collaboration and critical solidarity. The successful creation of a common and public spaces, public venues and squats is based on a delicate balance between place and community.

In the master-class involved the owners of such experience , which specific examples will explain what are the difficulties and ways to overcome them when you create your space, live in groups and communities that turn a "foreign" city in the alloy creative and critical initiatives as they interact with the forces of normalization and capital and, of course, each other.

we Invite all who are interested in how to make the city their and General. Admission is free, registration preferred.

On the website of the "Garage" you can see the entire program cycle and theme of past events. Soon on the channel "the Garage" on youtube will be placed records of all the events of the cycle. Stay tuned.