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A student from Israel has stolen the exhibits of the Museum of Auschwitz for the sake of the project

MComp 19.07.2017 at 23:12

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27-year-old College student Beit Berl Rotem, Bids stole the exhibits of the Museum of Auschwitz. Stolen items as a part of personal art exhibitions student from Israel. In each of the six visits to the Auschwitz-Birkenau girl endured for one thing.

According to the students, she does not consider it right to abide by the rules in the place where it was violated basic human rights. Among the stolen items were spoons, plates, rabbit's foot, earth, water, metal bolt and even the sign banning carry outside the former camp items in the exhibition.

the set of the items became part of the author's art productions Rotem, Bids. In a separate room, she placed the table with the things to which leads a tube blood girl. As it turned out, a theme of the exhibition, the girl gave the story of his family. Girl and two grandmothers Rotem passed through Auschwitz.

the Student concerned is that soon there will be people, personally, passed through the trials of the concentration camp. As a result, work was removed from exhibitions of the College. The administration of the Auschwitz Museum is preparing a lawsuit on the girl and demands the return of stolen.

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