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The us Congress issued a bill on anti-Russian sanctions

MComp 22.07.2017 at 15:30

News on the political and public arena in the world, Russia and other countries. Recent events in the country.

The Us Congress issued a bill on anti-Russian sanctions. The text of the document appeared on the official website of the Chamber of representatives of the United States.

it is Noted that the draft was received on 12 July – a month after it was considered in the Senate. The senators ratified the bill on June 15. This was one of the violations of traditional procedure projects. It is assumed that the provisions of the bill must first see the congressmen of the lower house.

the new package of sanctions will play the role of the opposition in connection with the construction of the "Nord stream-2". In addition, the United States will reduce the term market financing of Russian banks in the sanctions list up to 14 days, and oil and gas companies up to 30 days.

it is Noted that American and European business communities negatively perceived the preparation of a new package of anti-Russian sanctions. Most likely, the bill will be approved by the Congress on 25 July. Additional information on this issue will be known later.

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