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Born in Argentina, a unique kid-mutant with a "human face"

MComp 22.07.2017 at 15:38

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Unusual goat with the face resembling a human face, was born in Argentina, as reported by the representatives of the local press.

To light the animal appeared along with the other kids on the Argentine farm of La Rioja. The owner of the animal farmer by the name of Oviedo told reporters that from the rest of the goat are distinguished by only the deformed shape of the head. In all other respects it is the same as others. The mistress claims that, unfortunately, live the kid managed just over three hours. "I was going to drink it with spoonfuls of milk, but noticed that he was barely breathing. He started having some problems and he soon died," said Mrs. Oviedo, adding that the cause of the mutation she does not know.

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