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Question: Why do people have epilepsy?

Video Nicolai 27.07.2017 at 04:42

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About epilepsy, scoliosis and medicine (although not quite according to my books, but answer this question because these same infections fall into the cerebrospinal fluid and begin to develop so to speak around our brains, releasing their toxins, which begin to kill neurons of the cortex and where they die have adhesions, adhesions to the cerebral cortex, depending on where these adhesions occur occur or certain pathologies, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease and so on and so forth, so unfortunately, modern medicine to fight it can't because it can not only destroy the infection inside of the body this time, a second even if she could, she can not remove adhesions, which impair the passage of nerve signals as they are laid and so on and so forth, that is, you know, modern medicine is unfortunately much worse than it was in the Ancient World, with its many pros, I always say that from my point of view of modern medicine in what is good and if done correctly, traumatology, here there is mechanical damage, but if everything is done correctly, if everything is done properly, to make bones and so on and so forth, but even fix bones, you know someone's bones grew together are not correct or are not formed correctly, it is well, when there is no other of course is no other choice, it breaks bones, it breaks the shunt is inserted to unfold, this is a very brutal way of course, well, it's certainly good, but all the same the XXI century on the street so to speak, still need something to move, just due to the fact that medicine does not understand that many things assume the same curvature of the bones in most cases, with good enough reactions in humans, it can be done — pull out and straighten the bone in a matter of seconds, with a good perception of the susceptibility of a person, well it is necessary to know how and what to do, and in other cases you need more because for example the same scoliosis, if we talk about scoliosis for example, Yes, it would seem that the bones are not right, what to do? to take to put them in place correctly, what do the chiropractors and in most cases useless, because after some time everything comes back, because if a person has scoliosis, it means that since childhood he has muscles, blood vessels growing in proportion, that is, when everything was fine when rovnenko line, the muscles and with right and left side and the vessels and nerves all are looking the same more or less, but if it's curved, it turns out in one place longer, in another shorter, if you straighten, what are you doing? you violate the integrity, and therefore when that's straightened, you must first not just bones put in place, we need to grow more muscles, vessels, blood, nerves, so they are already Mature enough to have a position like this (exactly), but here is a little bit reduce (shows), medicine understands this mechanism? does not even understand, although it's obvious, right? and even more cannot even this is nothing to do with it, so I say, do not understand medicine in the present stage showed its complete failure, because as I already said that ... in the twentieth century, beginning of XX century "we have good drugs — we all cure", now medications though zaprude, many people eat medicine only, but healthier no one, on the contrary getting worse and worse, it speaks to the fact that medicine is not the right way knowledge of anatomy and basic physiology that medicine has beyond doubt necessary and important, but that doesn't mean it gives you the opportunity to heal a man and make it well, unfortunately it is not).