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The rules of the Russian language, which shock foreigners

Orlan 30.07.2017 at 07:26


Rules of the Russian language, which shock foreigners

Russian language is not in vain called the great and powerful at the same time. Just one word we are able to convey a whole range of emotions than can not boast of almost no other language in the world. Mistakes are made even by the media, what can we say about foreigners who throw themselves into the study of Russian both in the pool — with his head.

Swim out of the whirlpool a few. You need to have really great strength will to understand the many rules, exceptions and additions to master soft and hard signs, to recognize the existence of a complex system of cases and declensions — not to go crazy. Today we will tell you about the most difficult things in the Russian language, which impress foreigners to the core.

1. S

One of the most difficult letters for non-English speaking people. To explain its pronunciation is impossible — the same emotions could experience a Dolphin trying to read Japanese letter.

Imagine you have been punched in the stomach. That should be sound! — any desperate teacher.

Even more difficult to pronounce that letter in the word. Spelling "hear" should bring to mind any foreigner.

2. Declension and conjugation

what does it! The abundance of exceptions baffles even experienced teachers who undertake Russian language, already knowing a few others. For example, the word "mouth" — it is simple, and almost not crazy. But where does the vowel of the middle when you're trying to say "tongue in your mouth"? Why not "company"?

3. Greeting

Any foreign student without a shadow of hesitation, say that the correct pronunciation of the word "Hello" he spent three weeks. Familiar to the Russian ear the phrase "good day" brought to mind many polyglots.

4. Ü

"What is it? The soft sign? Where to get them? And what does he do? Oh my God!" — like every other lesson on the language in which the teacher tries to explain all the mystical depth of a simple letter "S".

5. Rod

Just remember, the TV — it, Gazeta — it and radio it. Why? Because!

6. E

the Letters "E" and "E" sound completely different, are used in different words, as written, is almost always the same. Why? Yeah well, look what the letters look like, let's one to use in all cases! — so. Why the same rule does not apply to the hard and soft sign because.

7. Sizzling

Here could show themselves graduates of Slytherin — but, unfortunately, in our reality they simply do not. All the other inhabitants of our world, intending to learn the Russian language, the letters "U" "W" and "H" starts to cry.