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Pergola in landscape design

Designix 02.08.2017 at 10:54

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In the field of landscape design, as well as in many areas of our lives is constantly changing, there are new trends, preferences, and fashion trends. It is not surprising that the majority of owners of private houses, country and farmland are trying to formalize their tenure with maximum convenience, comfort and aesthetics. In this publication we consider this element of landscape design, like a pergola.

First, the pergola was used as a support for distribution of climbing plants, most often grapes. In our days it is an arched structure made of wood, metal, stone and even plastic) and used as a canopy, gazebo, canopy over front door and just a decorative element of the local area.

how I made pergola

in the manufacture of pergolas can be used the following materials:

the wood of various species; metal; stone; plastic and metal; the combination of materials.

the Pergola on the terrace

the undisputed leader among the materials for such elements of landscape design as the pergola is considered to be wood. Not only naturalness, flexibility and availability of raw materials became the main reasons for the use of natural material and the high aesthetic quality of finished products. Construction of wood can be easily combined with any of the elements in landscape design, construction, planting.

in addition, the wood is perfectly combined with other types of raw materials for the manufacture of the original pergolas. For example, the base of the pergola can be made of stone (in the form of columns), and horizontal bars are made of wood. Or design can have wooden supports and metal bars as overlapping.