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U.S. closely watching the preparation of the military exercises of Russia and Belarus

Radio Liberty 03.08.2017 at 18:36

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

The United States is closely monitoring preparations for the Russian-Belarusian military exercises "West-2017". As stated by Reuters, August 3 the commander of us forces on maneuvers in Europe, General John J. Healy, Moscow "not transparent", as it is not inviting Western observers, while the Russian representatives were present at the recent maneuvers of the US and NATO in the black sea region. The General said that in response to the increasing threat of aggressive actions by Russia – USA in 2018 expect to spend from NATO allies in 11 major exercises of ground forces, air force and Navy. Earlier it was reported that in the scheduled September 14-20 exercises "West-2017" on the territory of Russia and Belarus with participation of up to 13 thousand troops and 680 pieces of equipment.