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Talking about the spider or the technology of life.

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 05.08.2017 at 10:38

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Friends, so decided to continue the theme "Technology of life", which we started in our e-magazine "KIT-info". Don't know if you've read it or not... Delved whether you are writing or not... But this topic is very important and if it resonium at least a few people and help them to change something in your life, then it's all good.

In fact, we have written a lot of material is just wonderful! And just very sorry that they are, in fact, disappear. So I decided to gradually share them in this thread.

I would like a dialogue, i.e. discussions, your activity (no Channeling, no Levashov and without statements of smart people - for all this, there are other topics on the forum).

by the Way, to magazine KIT-info, feedback was not QUITE the word. Now I can't interrogate Yuri Mikhailovich - glavnogo ideology of the journal, to continue the project because he believes that no one needs.

Why he thinks so? It's very simple. He judges by the lack of feedback. He naively says: "I thought that people....." And when I explain that we should not overestimate people, all busy with the usual survival, he doesn't want to accept it. I already wrote once that YUM absolutely can't work on the cart. And when there is no feedback, the overall impression that everything goes, figuratively speaking, into the basket. And we are two crazy town, talking to ourselves.

►►►Friends, if anyone of you wonder what we do if you "got" our messages, you can email us or me personally a email and I will gladly remove you from this forum. Don't be shy!

it's Just a deceptive impression that a lot of us. But on the day of visit 7 (SEVEN!!!!!) the kind of person who is a member of the forum. The rest are either bots, or God knows who.

Let better instead of 500 there will be 50 people, but it will be people active, which is at least something interesting.

Or write what we do.

Though I've tried to understand through questioning, what people need, what they are interested in what they are willing to do to change your life.

to be honest, of thirty people who responded, I only got THREE an adequate response. Everything else is in that way that want to do this, but not want to do anything to change the situation, help either don't want, don't believe in anything, invest in financial training don't want. One person even wrote about wanting to go (Yes, this person heavy life situation, he's in a wheelchair and absolutely one), someone sagely just wrote smart words smart person, confusing our forum with social networks (though for this we have a separate issue, it can be found if desired). So I'm just afraid to conduct surveys again to get something similar.

so, back to the topic, for which I got into this - to the subject "technology of life", because I'm sure that if you do it right and beat at one point, sooner or later something will happen. The main thing - would be enough on it (mine, of course).

Here's a look at this nice hard-working spider. How diligently he does his work - weaving, or spinning its web!

And indeed, the result of his work is staggering! Agree, it has its own aesthetics. The web turned out well.

But this is not important. The main thing is that the web of our spider is vital. It depends on the quality all his life and the lives of his family. And its beauty and harmony – it is a consequence of the cleverest produced by millions of years of technology, which uses for his creations, our hard-working spider.

And if it is at least a little break this technology, it will lead to very dire consequences for his family.

Imagine that at least one knot in the web is not enough strong, or at least one cell will not be a geometric shape, as it should be.

Yes, of course, immediately these defects will not affect the life vosniadou family, but over time they will weaken the web, to its deformation and, hence, to ensure that it will cease to perform their functions well enough.

as a result quality of life pouching family will gradually deteriorate and at some point may be irreparable.

And so everywhere and in everything!

If we carefully observe the life around us, we can see that technology is paramount! Violation of technology is punishable for any living creature on our planet and can have very serious consequences!

And does not want to reckon with the laws of nature and constantly violates the technology of life!

he was not afraid of anything - no sickness, no problems in the family or society, neither lack of money nor the infirm old age or catastrophic reduction of life-time! Figuratively speaking, he's reckless!

But if we want to get a good result (no matter what), we need to TAKE the RIGHT technology and APPLY it without distortion, and on an ongoing basis.

you All know how much today is said about achieving your goals!

Literally every iron we constantly hear about it!

the Various coaches have a range of techniques and technologies, one of the other cooler. By the way, many of them are really very good.

But there is just one problem – almost none of the students not doing what they are encouraged by the rule of "Three P's" - that's Right, Constantly and Gradually.

moreover, people pay money! Sometimes, even a lot, but either do nothing all or start and midway throw.

I suggest you to try to understand why we are, and what to do with it.

we will Deal here, in webinars etc. Of course, if there is feedback. Quietly to herself I talk to are not going, sorry.

while at leisure, think of the industrious spider.

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