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Wenge color in the interior: laconic luxury

Designix 04.08.2017 at 10:25

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One of the most valuable species of African wood gave the name to the dark shades used for the execution of furniture, finishing materials, doors and various elements of the interior. Noble dark shades of wenge can not only effectively enhance the geometry of space, but also add luxury and nobility in the image of the interior. African dark wood known for its technological properties – strength, durability and wear resistance, but its popularity it is obliged, first of all, the original natural picture, deep dark shades and original texture. In our time, not only the residents of the countries of Europe and America were actively used for decoration of their homes brand "wenge", our compatriots were also able to appreciate the beauty and luxury of Africa's forests.

it is Difficult to find manufacturer of Cabinet and built-in furniture, in the lines which there would be no models of color wenge. But the African wood is expensive – not every average citizen can afford to purchase any piece of furniture created from natural material. Simulate dark wood performs at a very high level: externally impossible to distinguish the natural material from analog. Because of this, anyone can decorate the interior of their homes the subject of furniture, parquet flooring, doors, beams or other architectural or decorative solution to this noble and somewhat dramatic color.

Features wenge

With what do you associate the color wenge, which is used for the decoration of residential interiors? Above all – conciseness, rigor, drama, conservatism and restraint, luxury and prestige. If you wish to create an image of the room in which it will not be felt multivalued stability, rigor and respectability, the wenge color – your choice. You only need to decide how you want to use this deep and concise tone – to create a floor or built in furniture, to make the contrast design of the entire room or highlight only one item?

Dark chocolate facades

Color wenge often called male, it really is a lot of rudeness and even stiffness. It is hardly suitable for the design of even the smallest elements of the interior girl's bedroom or boudoir, but it will be luxurious look in the living room, kitchen or dining room, office and even bathroom. Many of us with the phrase "wenge" often are dark brown, almost black color. But the African wood is very ambiguous, its structure is quite complicated. Depending on the lighting and colors of companion, wenge color can appear before us in the form of a hint of bitter chocolate, coal ash tones or almost black.

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