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Ivory in the interior

Designix 04.08.2017 at 13:56

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Ivory, in the world of design also known as ivory, is relevant at all times. Fashion tender milk-white color does not pass with an endless succession of changing trends. The fact that the noble and laconic tone of the white color is relevant in any room – in the bedroom or the living room, kitchen or hallway, nursery or bathroom. It does not matter which style you choose the color ivory will look organically in the luxury of classic decor and ultra-modern variations in the design of residential premises. Another important advantage of the ivory is due to its compatibility – combine noble shade can be with any colours from soft, pastel tones to bright and dark shades. If you decide to use ivory in the formation of the interior of any room of your home, our impressive collection of 100 design projects of rooms with a variety of functional loading can inspire you.

Shades of ivory and its combination with other colors,

Before you decide – it will be ivory in your room backdrop for the bright color solutions, or it should be combined with other colors from the palette of pastel shades, you need to understand in the ivory. At first glance it may seem that ivory is unambiguous, because he has a lot of shades.

In modern style

Beige ivory similar to the natural bright color of skin (no wonder this name is used in the production of various cosmetics). Most favorable for combining with it are the following shades:

mocha; light beige with warm notes; chocolate color (dark brown with a slight yellow tint); grey purple; anthracite grey; terracotta; light orange; dirty-purple or mixed with lead tint;

blue hydrangea.

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