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Finishing of bathroom plastic panels

Designix 05.08.2017 at 17:25

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The Traditional option of lining the bathroom walls is ceramic tiles. Strong and durable, resistant to moisture and temperature extremes, does not fade and easy to clean – ceramic for the bathroom is an excellent way to protect walls and floor.

But the obvious disadvantage of ceramic tile is the high cost of the material and its installation (and in most cases without the help of professionals can not do) scare many owners wishing to make repairs in his bathroom. As affordable alternatives are most often a plastic panel. In addition to democratic prices, plastic for walls and ceiling has another important advantage – the mounting is able to handle even an inexperienced owner of an apartment or house, you need to possess the necessary tools, auxiliary material and free time.

the Advantages and disadvantages of plastic panels for bathrooms

most of the PVC panels (PVC) are rectangular hollow products with perforations inside and plastic layer outside. The PVC layer can be printed with a (often mimics marble or wood), photo printing, pattern or just color tone. Surface wall and ceiling panels can be Matt or glossy. The panels can have different widths – from 10 to 25 cm.