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Cabbage pie in a hurry

Cooking recipes for the whole family 07.08.2017 at 06:14

Feed quick, cheap and tasty

You will not believe, but in 40 minutes it is possible to prepare a delicious pie with cabbage! Well, very tasty! It is sometimes called a quick or lazy pie...

For this we need:

1 kg of ordinary white cabbage

1 Cup sour cream, yogurt.

150 g butter

3 fresh chicken eggs

1 Cup flour

half a teaspoon of baking soda

3 tablespoons sugar

a Little salt.

And this is done like so:

Put to cook hard boiled two eggs.

Then melt 150 g butter and add one Cup sour cream, one tablespoon of sugar; beat one egg, a little salt and half a teaspoon repaid soda. Stir this mixture and slowly pouring, add a Cup of flour. It all mix well.

Now divide the dough in half and prepare two of approximately the same frigging size of your frying pan or other large baking dish. (Remember: a glass or ceramic baking dish, put in a hot oven impossible. It may burst!).

One of them, put in greased pan – it will be the base of the pie. On it, then spoon your filling: shredded cabbage first, then the top two chopped boiled eggs and between the small pieces of butter. On top of the cake cover with the second pancake and desipite region.

In a preheated 180-200 degree oven put the cake in and bake it for about 30-40 minutes.

When your kitchen fills with the aroma and the timer starts beeping – I think that the cake is ready!

Slightly cool it.... can be served!

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