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Question: Can the average person mental control the events of your life?

Video Nicolai 08.08.2017 at 06:28

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On the development (maybe only for this first the man needs to learn to do this, he has some sufficient and necessary conditions, remember these concepts right? sufficient conditions — that a person was relevant, and necessary conditions — that the person has developed to the level to have reached the point where he can do it and not a problem, what's wrong? so, who can argue? indeed it is, perhaps, the only excuse anyone can become a person of let's say an artist of the level of Leonardo Da Vinci there, Rafael and so on? maybe everyone can take a brush, paint, canvas right? tell me who can? raise your hands who can not, who has no hands right? everyone here has hands? by the way, I saw a material where a person has no hands and can't remember who draws the legs and very bad draws, so even without hands you can draw, but the question — so everyone can pick up a brush or pencil, paint, canvas-and-forth, question — whether all will be ... here, here's the thing see, all you need firstly a huge labor, but labor can go when a person has talent, talent is one percent, 99% of the work, is the Lenin said, sorry for another better not say, but it's true, in order to achieve something, let's do what the note says a person should be the makings for this and it needs to develop properly, if he does, it would not be a problem at all, just a small little itty — have inclinations and to develop them correctly and everything works, just some cases).