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Question: Why is the Lunar cult — the cult of death?

Video Nicolai 09.08.2017 at 08:49

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About the Lunar cult (well, here a few questions about the blood and why the moon cult — the cult of death, because even the dead Moon shines with reflected light, you understand right? that is already and naturally shines in the night, and in opposition to the solar cult — the cult of life and look at all the rituals, ceremonies are real, you who read the New Testament probably very few people paid attention when Christ well in that case, again, I'm not saying who what right or wrong is another question at the moment, .. refers to the New Testament, when Christ the Jewish high priests? night, and that day was not enough? it was hot right? perfectly reasonable response, well, I think in our circles, which is not very hot especially in winter they do the same thing night the fact that the first night it really weakened the qualitative barrier between the physical layer and the lower astral, that is easier to get in touch with their friends they there, plus at certain points the barrier quality disappears completely, and you know how many movies, stories and so on are different, legends, epics and so forth, associated with the evil spirit, appears in certain places it was just after midnight and with the Sun, it somehow disappears because the Sun rays saturate the barrier quality and it is getting thicker and the gap disappears, so the question is why the followers of the Lunar cult all do it when things are minimum barriers with the lower astral? because they interact with this lower astral, they are generally the slaves of this lower astral parasitic system and operate the same, and even the rites here who have not heard I will give you one single example of one of the most vile rites of the black voodoo, I heard that voodoo huh? so when a voodoo priest or priestess has defeated their enemy, they ate of his flesh and drank the blood, while performed a certain rite whereby the essence of the defeated enemy became a slave to them, nothing like? nothing like? — the rite of communion, that is, after all, in principle, you know as they say, here it is the flesh of Christ, that is his blood, of course a piece of bread and there's wine, right? but at the level (points at head level) sets the program mentally what you eat the flesh of your God, which you read and drink his blood, first cannibalise the rite, is first and foremost, who came from Africa, really from voodoo, and a lot of what so-called Christian rituals taken from black magic, and intended to nothing good, just many people don't even think about the words that are spoken to them, and who ... so we have to eat flesh, who we believe God and drink his blood, are we cannibals? at least one asked this question? you asked and what you answered? nothing, Yes? so it should be, right? well, let's all have right and left, if God can be there right? if God can be there! sorry then can everyone else, there are also so logical? okay won't go on and think so clear, is it? and we have not got much time left).