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Question: Can living people to help the entities of the deceased person or the suicide?

Video Nicolai 11.08.2017 at 10:58

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you are thinking About, and development of prevention (well, real people again can help, much if which again have something to help and know how to help, because if there is no understanding to be only a desire, it can result in not only a problem for someone trying to save, and for someone who is trying to save himself, too, and not only for him and for others too, and that is understand it should be first and foremost any action it should be with the understanding of course understanding can not appear instantly, now here did not understand, AP, all understand, this does not happen, but just the person's actions should always be to match the level of understanding and, in principle, if a person develops right — he faces tasks that he has to decide the level that he is ready, and then he if he solves them correctly he moves on, on and on and on, to skip over impossible, you can just quickly pass, but rush to jump anything, just you can go a million years in 1 second but it does not mean that (evolutionary) but it needs to be done in 1 second as much as the other would do in a million years, that's all the problem is there? no! just need to stop being zombies and think that here is brainwashed it can't be because it can never be, right? and who said it? the man who didn't understand whether to be a nihilist and deny all? of course not, you just need to be able to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, that is, to remove what is really useful, and what is bad and never, I always say that people, there was before him the task, he tried once and all I did not work, then the problem is impossible to solve, like it or not? of course not, the fact is that in order to correctly solve the problem, so I always talk this way I give, you have 1000 keys and in front of your door, there are two options — you can go through one by one each key until you find the one key that will open the door, but may not have life on it, right? can a person just simply thought, yeah lock of this type, then the key for that lock should look like and instead of 1000 keys will be only 100 keys and open the door much faster, but still if a person tries and the key is not suitable — it does not mean that there is no key to open the door, and you need to find it, and if you can't find, again it does not mean that it did not, because we are accustomed to think that if you did not found something then you have the Lord Boh, otherwise anyone else can not find at all, but this is not correct, just to find the key — you need to learn to think outside the box, that is, you need to think laterally and try to find a new approach, new understanding and so on and so forth, I may give, even as little time left, let me give you one example that I said when I started so tell your so to say travel beyond our planet, so to speak, but it's a long talk, believe not believe the second question too, but in a moment of travel I made it to the center of our galaxy and those who are the bishops and they were surrounded by some kind of force field, I poked amplitude-syudy — not allowed, how is it, I tut, here I am, and I was not allowed? Yes, I craps, and to hell blew the force field, as they say power is — do not mind, right? pass, and with me nobody wants to say no, I think it is strange, how is it that they have put a barrier, I removed it, so you should talk to me right? don't want, from radishes, but I thought, now think, was young and green, not always thinking, thinking, but not always, so to speak, well after a second he realized, not quite lost, thought so — if this barrier is, for what it's worth? and in order to make such fools as I didn't come with your stupid surveys did not ask, I know the Pope Chiriac jumped up and sho do I do with it, right? and those who will decide first of all in the whole galaxy, of course the question for me is extremely important, when you sit down to your tweet, well, who was Chiriqui in one place you know? it is very tangible and palpable, Yes? but I thought on a universal scale this question, but I'm kidding of course, I have this at the moment don't think, I just gave an example, I just had the opportunity, I returned to the moment when I destroyed this protection, so it again fits, it's a natural, so protection is, well, I understand that such chirigami did not fit so well, someone so runs? passes, so it does not crack it is necessary, as I have done, but in a different way, what do I need to do? thought so, need to see what the key is to ensure that this protection she missed you, no problem, have not looked, well, all quickly you want faster, yeah that's what I saw, and I saw a key, so I have this key? what major developments there? here it is, here it is say, here it is here it is, but this dumb! so what can I do so? I think once, yeah once looked that fast himself have gained something dumb, the key is fully fit, rest my palm on this protection and it ignores me, and then I began to speak, weird huh? here I gave you an example that you should always try to understand the approach completely different, and not because it is convenient and familiar, these can give many examples, but I understand you should always think first, and seek not what we are accustomed to, not the one that we like and look for something that really solves the problem, if we will, if we get out of the usual templates, or themselves created, in this case, while people will be able to do it while the person is in a position to be .. when it will come to a qualitatively new level, because every time a situation arises where you need to look at everything quite differently, not as it looked before, that is, brains are moving until you find a new, you live and you move forward once you are not able to move to think something, then stalled your development has stopped, you're dead already in the sense that then you are not moving, and it all depends on us, because there is always a situation arises, always people are in their understanding, consciousness approach to the borders, where the usual ends, starts and unknown to the unknown has become available need to take another look at all this is equivalent as we are on the ground level and we see the horizon, that's how much covers our vision, we see and we do create the impression that what we see what we are allowed to see with our eyes from ground level, but now take a rise of at least 10 floors you will see much further and more, right? and 100, but 1000? a million floors? the further the higher you ascend, but to ascend each floor, you still need to find a totally new perception of reality, with the old as they say the Luggage couldn't go in there, that you should reconsider the opportunity to see, it's not easy Yes, it needs to get rid of templates from the imposed and your own templates, from udobnosti that we are very comfortable, and if this happens, the movement will always be any man, and what he will attain depends on that's when it stops and it does not depend on me but from the man himself, ... here I can help, experience shows well here I can give an example last year was a seminar in March heard about it yeah? and on the stage brought people who quickly did a transformation, and on stage, something they showed they did not understand that most of what I showed this is possible because I created all that is, I typed in the condition, wasted their potential and so on and so forth, but God bless him it doesn't matter, one woman who only first saw in their eyes something down then said, "let me armless legless I'll grow arms and legs" funny, Yes? excuse me, what people saw, let's say I had for example an amputated arm or leg, it is natural that at other levels the entity has the hands and leg, the doctors introduced the concept of phantom pain, you heard that right? that is sick what is not, and it really is, only on other levels that don't ..

physical and clipped it all remains so man armless, legless, then he has hands and feet on a different level, and people can see it can see it, but that doesn't mean he'll grow in order to grow you need to understand what and how and so much more, here understand here is that when a person is given something he is not even close to ready and warning and so on, and how much after those few people out there lucky enough to get, way most I turned, because it's dangerous for them, then great have become cool and they have a child own it, and they have it since childhood there, and so forth, do not feel sorry for God's sake, so why cheat yourself, you can deceive others, but most do not fool yourself, plus you can hurt people a lie, that tells you that the fact when people are not ready for what he receives, there are benefits from this? unfortunately no, that's when the man grow a consciousness, he will get something Mature enough, neither earlier nor later, sooner is dangerous first and foremost for the person).