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MQL5: Blogs Traders 15.08.2017 at 05:29

Blogs traders and analyst of financial markets

We All remember the movie "the pursuit of happiness": when the hero says to his wife that he would work with the trader, she asks him: "Why not an astronaut?" Here to avoid such stupid situations, scandals and weird let's analyze the question: Forex I and the surrounding.

If you just started, then you advertising noodles seasoned Forex industry is how easy and how much money you can earn. And if you all say friends, that offended their reaction is not necessary. Usually close and wish you well and their advice is worth listening to: it's not easy, and it does not work and the game. Yes, Yes all this is true you heard right, I confirm this. It's not easy and very difficult, the money did not earn, only then after long, long time and it is not not the amount which you said "miracle coaches". About the job trader trading is not a job, but the game is cruel and dangerous. And fairy tales about the Forex out with the booklet of course divorce (someone just wants to run hand in your pocket). And ZD