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MQL5: Blogs Traders 15.08.2017 at 05:35

Blogs traders and analyst of financial markets

Remember how in my youth, you took muddy work, when asked about the salary you said: "Everything depends on you." So here it's the same, what's the catch?

here is the: is promising mutters about the possibilities and endless shoulders, supercars and yachts. The average newbie made upon the ears of this noodle, it is set to lose. He likes to tell me on the lessons of history: "And you know, for example, Jesse Livermore, whose mother gave five bucks to get out of the house in a few days came and laid on her lap, 1000$ ?! And you, in so much, how many times could increase the depot?"

This is nonsense, every trader with experience have a similar experience. And yet? This is important to you? So — in 160 times with two consecutive trades on USDJPY. What? I did not help you, if this happen to you, too, perhaps, will not help. This is the way of the game and in the end, empty pockets, nothing.